Tuesday, September 16, 2014

home: kitchen renovation phase 4

We've come a long way with the kitchen renovation and we finished a lot since our last post over a month ago. The beauty of doing it yourself - the projects need to fit in with your normally hectic life! Here's what we've accomplished on the homefront:

- all cabinets and hardware installed; we do need to order different doors for a 12 inch cabinet.
- crown molding and baseboards have been installed but not finished.
- counters are in ... jumping for joy!
- all appliances are connected and working.
- plumbing is connected - that means full running water!

There is one clear component in the above picture that does not match the inspiration board I shared last month. After looking at counter options at Granite Expo, I fell in love with this dark slate quartz. It looks so much like concrete counters but without the hassle and with some shine. We also decided on a stainless steel sink that went under the counter.

The hardware was installed and looks exactly the way I had imagined it would look in this space!

When we first pushed the dishwasher into this space, it was a bit smaller than the width of the opening. My brother used cabinet panels that you can purchase separately and created a 'frame' for the dishwasher. You can barely tell that it's not a custom cabinet.

And here is where we sit - a perfectly functioning kitchen with everything in its place. We still have to sand down the crown molding and baseboards, install floating shelves around the window and a wooden window ledge, and install the backsplash. But at this point, we can stop using the bathroom to wash dishes and have meals again!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

celebrate: sprinkled with love

My girlfriends are my biggest fans and there is nothing more exciting when one calls and asks you to just go ahead and make something. AC is one of my best customers and always trusts me to sprinkle her creative events with a little customization.

For this baby shower, I created one of my favorite banners - a gender neutral paper banner that had rain drops hanging from the tips and read 'Sprinkled with Love'. 

But don't give me all of the credit - look at how cute these sprinkle-rimmed glasses are that she put together! They go great with the sprinkled donuts!! You continue to inspire all of us with your hosting, Miss AC!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

home: kitchen renovation phase 3

Longest two months ever! But we're getting there with a lot of sweat and patience. Mostly my brother's sweat and patience, and my tears. While we slowly get through the steps, I'm psyching myself up by creating an inspiration board, something I should have created before phase 1. This should help all of us look forward to the finished product.

Ok. Let's get back to the update.

After getting the walls up, I ordered the cabinets from Home Depot (Hampton Bay Shaker design) and waited a long three weeks for the arrival. Once the joint compound and paper tape were added, there was a lot of sanding (and dust) for a smooth finish.

Then the cabinets went in one at a time and very carefully. After the first day, four upper cabinets were completed, and then a second day finished the installation.

Until one measurement didn't cut it.

As you can see from my drawing, when the dishwasher goes in, the cabinet door and drawer will be useless because the dishwasher will be covering them. And that just sucks.

So the best solution is to replace the three drawer cabinet (and my dream of three beautiful deep drawers) with a 12" cabinet and pull the blind cabinet over 6 inches. Home Depot was awesome and let me take home one of the stock cabinets and will order the custom fronts, that way we're not delayed.

In the meantime, I have a few wedding posts up my sleeve to keep you occupied before bringing you phase 4 ... stay tuned!

Monday, July 7, 2014

home: kitchen renovation phase 2

Back by popular demand, the update on this kitchen remodel that still has us hungry. Since phase 1, we upgraded the electrical in our home, including new electrical boxes outside, rewired the garage to meet code and prepared the kitchen. This work and inspections by the city took less than two weeks.

(doesn't electrical work look sexy?)

After passing the electrical inspection with flying colors, naturally, the next inspection was for the insulation. That was a nice project for myself while I sent J out for Chipotle. The kitchen didn't have insulation before so adding it to the exterior walls will make a difference in temperature.

Another big change is the removal of the soffit that was originally there. By removing this purely decorative drop in the ceiling, we added 8 more inches of space and the option to select larger cabinets.

The next inspection included the drywall ... I owe my brother and friends dearly for this project! We followed all codes to spacing the screws and used mold-resistent drywall. Because our home is antiquish, the framing is like solid concrete wood! What kind of trees created this impossible lumber?! Every last bit of energy was given to drill the screws through the framing. My hard working brother took two days to get the walls up.

The night the last screw went into that drywall, I ordered the cabinets from Home Depot. We measured twice and ordered once, and in 2-3 weeks the cabinets will be delivered. 

The inspector signed off on the drywall the next day and the room now awaits the next step in the project: adding the joint compound and paper joint tape, and then sanding the walls down before adding the cabinets. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

home: kitchen renovation phase 1

Remember when you wanted that purple comforter for your room and you begged your mom and dad for WEEKS to get that colorful, plush bedding in your big girl room? Think of me doing the same thing but way older, wanting a renovated room for FOUR YEARS and begging my husband to just let me do it! Well, that's been the scene around here since we moved into this gem in 2010. 

We just love our house - crown molding, two fireplaces (with mantels to -scape), enough rooms, great entertaining flow. It just rocks. But that kitchen.

And last week, we took the first messy step - pulling it all out! Warning: beg a very expert family member or friend to help you during this phase. If this was just me and J, we'd still be trying to pull out that first cabinet.

Four hours later, we pulled out the cabinets and walls, loaded my brother's truck and cleaned the space. My brother took two upper cabinets to add to my parents' garage and I posted the remainder on Craigslist for free. We made one trip to dump the junk.

Now, we have an electrician upgrading the electrical in the kitchen and house. We needed some work in the house to bring it up to code and while we had this clean slate, it was the perfect time to get that done. He's been moving right along and if all goes well with the inspection, we should be able to move on to Phase 2 next week - walls!

Once we finish the project, I will share the timeline and costs as it was incredibly hard for me to find this information while researching for this project. I think we have something good to share!

And just take a look at what I hope it all looks like when I'm we're done.

(thanks to Going Home to Roost for sharing freebie arrow art for these fun graphic projects!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

wedding: Melissa + David

It was my beautiful friend Aliza that told me I needed to coordinate weddings - it was my calling. And it has been her continued support and encouragement that brought this amazing couple into my life. I had the privilege of working with Melissa and David to plan their Sonoma wedding in April. Melissa and I worked together on the planning and she considered every small detail of her day to make it personal for family and friends in attendance! See more pictures on the Tibidabo Photography Blog

Ceremony and Reception Venue and Catering, and Getting Ready Location: Vintners Inn in Sonoma | Photos by Tibidabo Photography | Videography by Inventive Photography | Florals by Bertoli Bridal & Design | Music by  DJ JeremyProductions Day of Coordinator: Debbie Cotton Celebrates

The centerpieces were made up of her mother's collection of vintage sterling silver teapots, china and glassware. Along with the amazing floral by Leah Bertoli, the tables were truly unique and breathtaking. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

home: summer mantel simplicity

The year has been lacking in blog posts but it hasn't been a boring year by any means. I suppose I'm getting picky on what goes on the blog since I don't like wasting your time with anything boring. So when it comes time to share a new mantelscape, I feel a sort of duty to keep you in the loop.

Today's post comes with the first show of the newly-painted living room and hallway. After much deliberation (and a nice collection of pins on Pinterest), I narrowed the color down to Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. And it really does brighten the entire entry area!

For the first time since we've lived here, I actually hung something on the wall above this mantel! I kept the summer simple as I continue to go through a purging phase, and really love how it looks with fresh flowers.

mirrors and tall glass vase: Pottery Barn | blue/yellow vases: West Elm (and a gift from my amazing friend ML) | frame: Kohl's | starfish: small shop in Provincetown, Mass.

See previous IHB summer mantelscapes here: 2013, 2012