craft: cityscape wedding card

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lately, my days are overwhelmed with our wedding. Helping friends plan weddings has always been so much fun, but when it comes to planning my own, there are too many ideas to take in and I wonder if I can do it all (7.5 months to go!). So it's a nice breath of fresh air being invited to another wedding and being inspired by the little touches I've seen so far from this incredibly creative couple.

Here is the save the date. The couple lives in New York City but are getting married in Cincinnati, Ohio. A friend designed these cards with the two cityscapes and connecting bridges. The fun fact written at the bottom of the card reads: "Cincinnati's John A. Roebling Bridge is a prototype of the Brooklyn Bridge. Who knew?!" Well, I didn't! Thanks for that!!

So I wanted to make a card to give the couple at their wedding that was inspired by this cute save the date. I used the Cricut machine and plugged in the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge where I have simple city and landscapes to use.

To be efficient and make something easy, I paired it with fall colors that go alongside the dark blue used throughout the save the date and invitation. Another few punches on the Cricut and I had letters to spell out the couple's names.


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