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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's post has been in the making ... all day long!!! I mean really, since I woke up this morning I have been moving furniture, laying out tape and painting. The first project was our office; I would love to say that the original green color was inherited when we bought the house this spring, but alas, that bad decision was mine alone.

The replacement: the color that was left here by the previous owner (currently in our family room), Alpaca by Benjamin Moore.

The next project was my in-progress craft studio. I spent a day painting the perfect straight lines on one wall but the other three walls were still the pale yellow that used to be a nursery.

Sorry for the mess ...

Although shelterpop recommended dark blue, I wanted something lighter. The final color is Nantucket Mist by Dutch Boy. The great thing about this color is that I only needed one coat.


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  1. 1. hello kitty! she's so helpful
    2. looks like a HAPPY mess to me
    3. you are cruising along on the house projects. looks great, lady!