craft: halloween banners

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bunting, banners, flags. Whatever you call them, I love how simple banners are to make and the different variations. Since we have two fireplaces, I had to make at least one in honor of Halloween. So here are a few of my favorite inspirational banners. This useful banner from Martha Stewart's Crafts Dept. is made with chalkboard paint so you can use it after October 31.

Woman's Day displays a Trick or Treat banner made from newspaper. You don't need a fireplace to show some spirit.

If you want to save some time and stop by Etsy designer deidrewicks, you can purchase the images to print out at home. Isn't this banner fun?!

My first project had one requirement: don't buy anything. I limited myself to materials I already had on hand. So although I didn't have enough to make this match all the way through, I had to get creative. The cricut produced the letters (3 inches) and circles (4.25 inches). I cut the triangles freehand.

Goes well with my $4 candlesticks from a yard sale a few weeks ago. (The piece of paper on the floor is kitty's new toy. My junk is her entertainment.)


  1. Looks adorable!! I want to make one now. I mean, if everyone's making them...