inspired by halloween

Monday, September 20, 2010

When Michelle and I worked on our projects this weekend, my blog-stalking addiction was revealed when I said "everyone is doing it" (what "it" was I can't quite remember!). She couldn't help but laugh at my silly observation ... But honestly, everyone is excited for Halloween and already decorating tables, shelves, front porches and carving pumpkins. Where do you find the time?!

I pulled out our holiday decorations -- Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and fourth of July all in two boxes. (Give me a break; I've lived in apartments and moved nine times in 12 years). I discovered one small door hanger that I purchased last year after Halloween. I hung it on our front door this morning. So very sad indeed.

Since this is our first major decorating holiday in the new house, I'm thinking I need to step up my game. I will be DIYing Halloween decorations this week with inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers and websites. Let Halloween begin!

Eighteen 25 will make your head spin with all of the creativity, including these little framed letters. Remember: glitter is an outside toy.

My friend did this last year on the porch of her beautiful South Carolina home. I like this stacking version which I borrowed from Sunset.

Martha Stewart never lets us down with her creative inspiration. Here are a few projects that I am taking on: lots of pumpkins on shelves, wall templates, candy wreath, harvest tablescape, and spooky spider webs.

And bunting (I learned the term this weekend ... thanks CL). Who can overlook bunting? With two fireplace mantels, I will not overlook this key craft addition.


  1. Haha, that statement still makes me laugh. My response "um what, who is everyone?" Ahh good times! Thank you for keeping me in the loop on what's hot in blogland.

    Love all the Halloween ideas. Look forward to seeing your projects!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the follow on twitter. I love these banners, they are super simple + lovely:)