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Monday, December 27, 2010

This is my first holiday blogging and the inspiration from my favorite blogs was overwhelming this month, and with a full time and small part time job, where does the little blogger find time to recreate it all? Projects were completed here and there, and thanks to some of my favorites, I was able to add the spirit of Christmas to our home this year while on a very tight budget.

The hardest part of the holiday decorating was deciding where to put the tree! With a new dining table and a couch that we refuse to sell, we needed to get creative. The location next to the fireplace is perfect for outsiders looking in (spies!) and for when we walk in the door. We decorate our tree with ornaments from places we visit, reflections of things we do (cow = engaged encounter weekend in the Valley), and things we love.

Our home has two fireplace mantels and we only decorated one this year to save some money. We already had the garland but we added the small ornaments that we picked up in the dollar bin at Target. The Keep Calm and Merry On is a free download from Craftily Ever After. I made the stockings late one night but never had a chance to post something on the blog about it (something to look forward to next year!). The remaining decorations were already in a box in the garage.

Another never-had-time-to-put-something-together excuse is the holiday card display. There are some good ideas out there ladies, but my last minute solution was a string of red ribbon and a stapler. Here, I display the ever popular picture holiday card showcase! Also notice the free subway art download from eighteen25.

My DIY answer to a front door decoration? Leftover tree branches from the tree lot where we bought our tree, leftover ribbon and ornaments that I had at the bottom of a box.

My most prized thrifty share this year is that I didn't spend a single dollar on gift wrappings. All of the paper is leftover from a big after Christmas sale two years ago. The ribbon is the collection of my thrifty hoarding of gifts that I receive. And the tags are made from holiday cards that I receive each year.

And this little butterball makes the holidays special. This is my brother Toby, and a good replacement for the grandchildren my parents are desperately pushing us to have. He especially enjoys taking naps on wrapping paper and standing on his hind legs.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas weekend and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2011!

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  1. I'm so happy you shared all your holiday decorations! Mostly because you did a fabulous job of using what you already had and being thrifty in other areas. And completely selfishly because I didn't get to see it all in person :)