inspired by the dollar bin

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I can't help give into the gravitational pull of the dollar bin at Michaels. I short trip to Michael's always brings home a new stamp, frame, candle ... and cardboard cutouts?

While getting ready for our new house/new ring party, I needed to create drink signs. I found a set of cardboard cutouts of houses made by Mary Engelbreit while rummaging in that vicious dollar bin. I traced the houses onto printed paper and used the Cricut to cut out letters. A little bit of glue and voila!

I received lots of compliments and it really took me only a few minutes!


inspired by organization

Monday, July 12, 2010

Long have I looked forward to a day when I would have my own personal space to spend hours creating things, finally using that sewing machine, and on and on. So when we finally moved into our home, there was a space for me to store my creative stuff and get to work. The hardest part was roaming around other blogs and finding ideas. I want this space to say a message about me, and that message is that I rock!  I still have some personal touches to put into this room, but for the time being, I was able to pick up some furniture at IKEA and organize a space just for me. There's even a small space for Lola to watch me sew in a straight line. In time, my work will evolve, just like my style.


inspired by green hydrangeas

Friday, July 9, 2010

Three months have gone by since I've posted anything on this blog, but two jobs, planning a wedding and moving into a house have taken up most of my time. I've returned with new ideas, projects and big inspiration! Let me renew this blog with the ultimate of inspiration - an inspiration board. I'm always amazed by how someone can take one, two or three graphics and create an entire design theme. After some time saving my favorite graphics online, falling in love with one sheet of paper at Paper Source, I finally created what is ultimately the inspiration board for our wedding next year. I'm sure we'll change our minds a few times, but this is what inspires us.