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Friday, January 21, 2011

There are two reasons for getting married: the union between you and your best friend, and all of the time you spend with your favorite people getting ready for the big day! My mom is visiting tomorrow so we can find her the perfect MOB dress and she gets to see me in my dress for the first time (I'll bring tissue). I go home more often to talk to family, recruit help from all corners of my life, and weekends are full of working stations to glue, cut, and create with friends.

One project - from the creative mind of my bestie - was completed last weekend while the Patriots took themselves out of the Super Bowl running (more tissue was needed here). In a previous post, I mentioned that she's hosting a Paris-themed bridal shower for me during Valentine's Day weekend, and she's putting together a little gathering with so many big details. Through her research, she came across a lavender favor that she wanted to recreate (free download here). But in true DIY spirit, we designed our own version.

Materials: party favor bags purchased in the wedding supply section at Michaels; three larger bags of flower seeds from Home Depot; two spools of ribbon from the $1 bin at Michaels; cardstock paper to use as a tag background; stamps and ink; and a busy printer.

Seperate the seeds and place a few in each bag. Then fold the top of the bags over (you might want to measure your tags first). She found that purchasing larger bags and separating the seeds into party favor bags was cheaper than buying a bag of seeds for each guest.

After designing the tags on Microsoft word, print and cut along the edges. Glue your designed tag to a cute and colorful cardstock. My bestie picked out this green cardstock with leaves pressed into the paper.

Get creative with your tag! Here, we stamped a little metal tin on grey paper and then cut it out. Stamp the flowers directly on the tag to save you from going cross-eyed. A little glue and place the tin on the tag.

Overlap the tag on the party bag as you would want it, and then punch two holes for the ribbon (remember: the further apart the holes, the more ribbon you'll need). String the ribbon through the holes and make a knot or a bow. Finished!

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