Turn an Old Scarf into a Pillow!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I've gone a little pillow crazy lately. From the no-sew Christmas pillow to learning how to turn a placemat into a pillow (thanks Meredith for making me finally see the light!), this idea has tipped the scale. Here's looking on the bright side: I really think my sewing skills have improved from the time spent on the machine making pillows.

This scarf was a gift from my mom that she picked up at a fundraising event. The scarf is long and plush, perfect for cold days. But I live in California, and our cold days are few and short. So my immediate solution is to turn it into a pillow (clearly).

In storage was a pillow that just needed a facelift, and I picked matching fabric to use behind the scarf (also something I already had). If you're doing this at home, just cut the fabric to fit the pillow, with a 1 inch edge.

Place the edge of the scarf along the fabric and pin down. Then sew both short edges, only cutting the scarf after you sew the edge.

After cutting the scarf, lay it out again on the bottom, overlaping the two pieces. Sew the short edges on this row as well. Then sew the long edges of each piece, ignoring the overlapping edges.

Do this on both sides if there's enough scarf (if there isn't, you're going to have to get creative). Then in true pillow form, place the pillow fronts facing each other and sew three of the edges and a quarter of the fourth edge.

Turn the pillow inside out (right side out if you will) and insert the pillow. Sew the opening with matching thread. This is actually pretty easy since the yarn is so forgiving.

Once your pillow is finished along the edges, make three small stitches on each side to secure the overlapping edges.

Your final product should be cozy and, in my case, zero cost! (Please note that the two other small pillows are placemats turned into pillows. Each one cost $3.99.)

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  1. Very nice, Debbie! Your pillow turned out great - and what a cute solution to not having many scarf-worthy days out in CA!
    Thanks for the props, too. :) Still loving the placemat pillows.
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  2. Love the pillow - what a great idea for a scarf! I'll be linking to you tomorrow in my *Inspired Homemaking* if that's okay. If not, let me know :)

  3. Wow--that looks so great! I'm your newest follower. :)

  4. I love to wear scarf but a it can be turned into this beautiful way; I have never thought. Nice work!