valentine's day isn't so bad this year

Friday, January 14, 2011

There was a time when Valentine's Day wasn't all that enjoyable. During the college years, my best friend and I celebrated together at a restaurant, bar or both, laughing at the couples on dates eating expensive pasta. Our opinion of this holiday hasn't changed, and although we are both in relationships with wonderful men, we still think it's silly to celebrate love on only one day.

What makes this year different is that my best friend is throwing me a bridal shower on Valentine's Day weekend (on the one year anniversary of our engagement). Although she won't admit it, the girl is creative and is throwing a Paris-themed bridal shower. I'm trying to contribute as much as possible, linking to Valentine's Day and using her ideas. But as I work on projects and find different things to do, I can't help but laugh -- I'm focusing so hard on celebrating a holiday we coined over 10 years ago as "Satan's Day"!

Happy Valentine's Day to my original date, mi mejor amiga! Let me share some of her ideas for a Paris-themed bridal shower ..

These coasters are cute ... you can also recreate the images to be placed on cupcakes.

She also loves these cupcake flags which she is recreating with some Paris-themed scrapbook paper. And she'll be placing them on my favorite cupcakes!!

How gorgeous are the black and white stripes?! We decided to make similar table runners for the dessert and/or food table.

How cute is this lacey bunting? I get my very own: Debbie loves Jeremy! Visit Green Wedding Shoes to see an amazing spread of ideas that will inspire the perfect bridal shower.

How amazing is this table? Well, you can find this idea along with all sorts of dessert table inspiration at Catch My Party.

I am so lucky to find this blog - Shauna Younge. Everything about this blog and the below picture makes me want to break every wedding diet rule!

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  1. I completely agree - your bestie is extremely creative. I love that she had the theme planned out down to every last detail. I can't wait to see all her plans in action at the shower!

    *insert fun French saying here*