30 Before April 30 Project 12 Completed!

Monday, March 14, 2011

There are now two instances in my life when I was so overcome with joy to be finished with something: the day I received my graduate degree and the day that I mailed our wedding invitations (which is actually today).

I completely underestimated the amount of time and work that would be needed to finish these. Luckily for this growing perfectionist, we chose our invitations a few months ago, knowing that I would need time to assemble the precious cargo. After months of searching blogs, websites and comparing reasonable prices, we worked with an Etsy designer, Foglio Press, for our invites. Because of the long guest list, we needed to keep cost low and we weren't going to make it too extravagant with letterpress.

Photo by Stephanie Baker Photography

We did splurge a tiny bit with the envelope liners. I picked out a Japanese paper from Paper Source and had the sheets sent to our house. I created the liner template myself and cut out each one. With a $1 stamp from Michaels, I stamped a 'C' on each liner and embossed with white powder.

As always, The Whole EnCHELLEada was on hand to help me with this massive project. She glued the corner edges of each liner and adhered each one to the inner envelope.

Although the invitations were amazing, I did want a little bit more color and weight to the invitation so I glued each invite to Night cardstock from Paper Source. When the invites are stacked, it looks pretty.

Originally, I wanted to personally write each invitation and I actually purchased a calligraphy set to begin practicing. But as the weeks passed me by and one bridal shower led to a second bridal shower, I was out of time. And since printing these took me three evenings, our guests would have never received invitations!

My mom actually suggested this little idea a few minutes before I sat down to seal 246 invitations - a Q-tip, water and paper towel.

A paper-crazy girl will often dream of a combination of stamps on her invitation that reflect the couple's interests or the wedding's theme, but have you seen how much those stamps cost? If we were having a small, intimate affair, I would have done a little more research and used California-themed stamps. But since this option was just not financially feasible, our local post office carried these butterfly stamps for 64 cents (and our invitations were 61 cents to mail so I splurged a little after all).

Voila! Completed invitation! Sorry for the blurred image, but I really doubt my catechism teacher would appreciate me placing her home address on this blog.

So on this rainy, stormy day, I passed up public transportation for the comfort of having these invitations in my backseat buckled up and protected from water damage. Plus, I have a dolly at work. *deep sigh*

30 Before April 30 ongoing list ... (this list changes a lot)
- Homemade totebags for the bridesmaids
- Guest bags and all of the pieces that will go inside for out-of-towners
- DONE! Save the dates
- DONE! Wedding invitations
- Letter pillows for 2 chairs at reception
- Wedding programs
- DONE! Bags for Program Attendants
- DONE! Bridal shower invitations
- DONE! Bridal shower party favors
- DONE! Reserved signs
- DONE! Escort cards for wedding party
- Photobooth props & sign
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner dessert
- Rehearsal dinner invitations
- Rehearsal dinner menus
- DONE! Fabric bunting flags for bridal shower
- DONE! Thank you gifts along the way ...- Groomsmen gifts
- Door initials
- DONE! Bridal Shower Cake Bunting
- DONE! Dessert bar components
- Sign in *surprise* area (we can't give everything away)
- Bridal Party dinner table monogram runner
- Signs for front of reception site
- Centerpieces for cocktail tables & bars
- Wedding cake topper
- Bouquet bling
- Signs for pictures
- Toiletry kits for bathrooms
- Thank you gifts for our generous vendors, family and friends helping on the big day!

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