30 Before April 30 Project 14 Completed!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Blogger dashboard is dangerous - a "quick check" can turn into hours of searching, a longer list of projects and more blogs to follow (it's a vicious cycle). Every once in a while I stumble across a great idea and I can't stop myself from giving it a chance to blossom in my craft room.

Letter Perfect Designs is a creative artist and you can find her amazing button monogrammed pillows on Etsy. Well, you can now find my amazing monogrammed pillows on the couch! But before I continue bragging, let me explain how it's done.

Materials: one half yard sturdy fabric, lots of buttons, hot glue, sewing machine, needle, thread. Start by cutting four rectangles or squares in the desired pillow size.

Print letters that you like and cut them out to make a simple template. To make this easier, I actually hot glued the buttons on the pillow. Note: do not glue the button holes.

To make this look really good, I stitched each button to the fabric and used leftover thread that comes with all of my sweaters. Go green!

I'm not going to bore you with the details of sewing a simple pillow, but if you're really chomping at the bit to learn how, click here (hit it Martha).

We ordered bright white Adirondack chairs for the house but have decided to use them at the wedding. These pillows sat on chairs welcoming our wedding guests. Pretty cute, huh?!

30 Before April 30 ongoing list ... (this list changes a lot)
- Homemade totebags for the bridesmaids
- Guest bags and all of the pieces that will go inside for out-of-towners
- DONE! Save the dates
- DONE! Wedding invitations
- DONE! Letter pillows for 2 chairs at reception
- Wedding programs
- DONE! Bags for Program Attendants
- DONE! Bridal shower invitations
- DONE! Bridal shower party favors
- DONE! Reserved signs
- DONE! Escort cards for wedding party
- Photobooth props & sign
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner dessert
- Rehearsal dinner invitations
- Rehearsal dinner menus
- DONE! Fabric bunting flags for bridal shower
- DONE! Thank you gifts along the way ...
- Groomsmen gifts
- Door initials
- DONE! Bridal Shower Cake Bunting
- DONE! Dessert bar components
- Sign in *surprise* area (we can't give everything away)
- Bridal Party dinner table monogram runner
- Signs for front of reception site
- Centerpieces for cocktail tables & bars
- DONE! Headbands for program attendants
- Bouquet bling
- Signs for pictures
- Toiletry kits for bathrooms
- Thank you gifts for our generous vendors, family and friends helping on the big day!


  1. Wow really like the button monogram too!!