Shower Me With Love Part II

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some people celebrate weddings with 150 of their closest family and friends, small intimate affairs where the bride and groom are able to hug and thank every guest.

But then some of us have ourselves a big fat (phat) Portuguese wedding! And where there's a wedding, there's a bridal shower, and this little gathering in honor of my upcoming wedding attracted 140 of my closest family and friends (and my mom's growing social network!).

These party favors were created with a bag of seeds, fabric and a little bit of creativity on a Word document. A zig-zag stitch across the top secured the tag and fabric to the seed bag. See instructions here. Cousin Diane came up with the creative display of the favor standing upright in the napkin.

Centerpieces included a few important items: the succulents were planted by my mom a few months ago so the different varieties actually came from her garden. The pots used for the succulents, the candles and the mossy rocks were purchased for $1 each at Dollar Tree. The ceramic birds were found on craigslist and came from a recent bride who used them at her wedding. The slices of wood were part of a tree that my brother recently cut down in his backyard and had them sliced, "cooked", and sanded. And the metal pot was purchased at Ikea and we placed a potable flower inside.

My mom cut and finished the edges of the blue and green linens in the center of the tables.

This chalkboard sign was another great find on craigslist. My brother changed the bottom of the stand by removing a flat piece of wood and securing the sign to this metal bucket, also purchased at Ikea.

My favorite accessory to this bridal shower was the amazing cake, made by my brother's godmother, a woman who raised me just as much as my own mother. I made the little bunting flags on top of the cake, and three different ribbon patterns were used to add a little flare! Please note the matching fabric bunting flags that I also made and draped around the room.

Say hello to my bridesmaids and a few cute little ladies! I'm related to everyone in this picture but two girls -- and they can still pass as family! Thank you to my bridesmaids, my family and my mom's friends who put in so much time and effort to make an amazing meal, a spread of hearty appetizers and desserts, and everyone who enjoyed a chilly Sunday afternoon with us!

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  1. Looks like an awesome party Debbie! I can't believe your wedding is coming so soon. Enjoy every minute of it! :)