30 Before April 30 Project 25 Completed!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manzanita trees as wedding centerpieces are all the rage now. If you do a search on craigslist, you'll find brides both selling and renting used centerpieces, and people with access to the unique branches are selling them with a high price tag. My incredibly talented brother offered to take on the job of making me a very large manzanita tree centerpiece but finding the branches was turning out impossible.

On Monday before the wedding, we set out to find another solution. We visited nurseries, craft stores, home improvement stores and even a few trees on the side of the road. Nothing. In the nursery department at Lowe's, we found plan B - a garden iron trellis.

Big brother suggested welding three pieces together and have it freestanding in the middle of the dessert table. With a few fresh flowers and small lights, it turned out pretty great! And we'll place it in our yard with flowers to enjoy for years to come.

30 Before April 30 ongoing list ... (this list changes a lot)
- DONE! Totes for the bridesmaids
- DONE! Out-of-town guest bags
- DONE! Save the dates
- DONE! Wedding invitations
- DONE! Letter pillows for 2 chairs at reception
- DONE! Wedding programs
- DONE! Bags for Program Attendants
- DONE! Bridal shower invitations
- DONE! Bridal shower party favors
- DONE! Reserved signs
- DONE! Escort cards for wedding party
- Photobooth props & sign
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner dessert
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner invitations
- DONE! Dessert table centerpiece
- DONE! Fabric bunting flags for bridal shower
- DONE! Thank you gifts along the way ...
- Groomsmen gifts
- DONE! Bridal Party Table initial
- DONE! Bridal Shower Cake Bunting
- DONE! Dessert bar components
- Sign in *surprise* area (we can't give everything away)
- DONE! Bird cage for cards
- DONE! Signs for reception site
- DONE! Centerpieces for reception
- DONE! Headbands for program attendants
- Bouquet bling
- DONE! Sign for pictures
- Toiletry kits for bathrooms
- DONE! Thank you cards

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