30 Before April 30 Project 27 Completed!

Monday, June 13, 2011

[At one point during the wedding planning I cracked and reached out for help from my trustworthy friend, Michelle. Even more amazing is that she is my first guest blogger. I heart you.]

Hello! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Michelle, aka the whole enchelleada, and I'm so excited to be here today to share about a small project I helped with for the wedding. Although I knew the queen bee of DIY had everything under control, I was delighted she took me up on my offer to help.

Photo booths at weddings are all the rage and there's a very good reason for that: they're a blast! Sitting in the booth, planning your next pose, is just as fun as waiting for your photo strip to print. No good photo booth is complete without props! One quick look around the web and you can find dozens of templates and tutorials for how to make your own. Debbie forwarded free templates from the generous Chelsea at two twenty one (thanks!), and I got busy making 'staches, glass, lips and caption chalkboards.

To make the chalkboards I used a large piece of black foam board, black chalkboard paint and a foam brush. Following the paint instructions, I painted each side of the foam board with 2 coats and let it dry 24 hours. Not trusting my free hand abilities, I printed 8.5 x 11 caption bubbles and a heart (made in MS word). I traced the symbols onto the board and cut with an exacto knife.

To make the lips, 'staches and glasses I used felt, cardstock, wooden dowels, lots of hot glue and some creative freedom. Using this template from Ruffled blog, and the helpful instructions I created the props!

Materials for the props were less than $20 and fairly simple to put together, especially while watching Say Yes to the Dress! If you're planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, I promise you won't regret creating your own fun additions. Not to mention the pictures will entertain you for years to come. Case and point:  Congratulations to Debbie and Jeremy!!

30 Before April 30 ongoing list ... (this list changes a lot)
- DONE! Totes for the bridesmaids
- DONE! Out-of-town guest bags
- DONE! Save the dates
- DONE! Wedding invitations
- DONE! Letter pillows for 2 chairs at reception
- DONE! Wedding programs
- DONE! Bags for Program Attendants
- DONE! Bridal shower invitations
- DONE! Bridal shower party favors
- DONE! Reserved signs
- DONE! Escort cards for wedding party
- DONE! Photobooth props & sign
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner dessert
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner invitations
- DONE! Dessert table centerpiece
- DONE! Fabric bunting flags for bridal shower
- DONE! Thank you gifts along the way ...
- Groomsmen gifts
- DONE! Bridal Party Table initial
- DONE! Bridal Shower Cake Bunting
- DONE! Dessert bar components
- DONE! Sign in *surprise* area
- DONE! Bird cage for cards
- DONE! Signs for reception site
- DONE! Centerpieces for reception
- DONE! Headbands for program attendants
- Bouquet bling
- DONE! Sign for pictures
- Toiletry kits for bathrooms
- DONE! Thank you cards

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