30 Before April 30 Project 30 Completed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This last post wasn't planned but I can't complete this list without somehow including this amazing project. If you think I'm decently crafty, you should meet my brother. This man is absolutely amazing and through him, I have learned that life is incredibly precious and short. He can create just about anything, including car engines, hydraulic trailers, and furniture. There is nothing this man cannot create when he puts all of his efforts on a project (including our centerpieces).

So it was incredibly touching when my fiance reached out to my brother to make a unique garden piece for us. During J's speech, they revealed a large monogram garden wind spinner.

And as we begin working on our backyard this coming week, this will be the completing art piece. He's available upon request =).

30 Before April 30 ongoing list ... (this list changes a lot)
- DONE! Totes for the bridesmaids
- DONE! Out-of-town guest bags
- DONE! Save the dates
- DONE! Wedding invitations
- DONE! Letter pillows for 2 chairs at reception
- DONE! Wedding programs
- DONE! Bags for Program Attendants
- DONE! Bridal shower invitations
- DONE! Bridal shower party favors
- DONE! Reserved signs
- DONE! Escort cards for wedding party
- DONE! Photobooth props & sign
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner dessert
- DONE! Rehearsal dinner invitations
- DONE! Dessert table centerpiece
- DONE! Fabric bunting flags for bridal shower
- DONE! Thank you gifts along the way ...
- DONE! Groomsmen gifts
- DONE! Bridal Party Table initial
- DONE! Bridal Shower Cake Bunting
- DONE! Dessert bar components
- DONE! Sign in *surprise* area
- DONE! Bird cage for cards
- DONE! Signs for reception site
- DONE! Centerpieces for reception
- DONE! Headbands for program attendants
- DONE! Bouquet bling
- DONE! Sign for pictures
- DONE! Surprise Monogram Garden Wind Spinner
- DONE! Thank you cards


  1. Debbie you look so beautiful and happy! I can't wait to see more wedding photos. The metal garden piece is beautiful and so sentimental too. What a great brother you have! :)

  2. I didn't realize J asked him to make it! You have wonderful men in your life - thoughtful husband and talented brother!!