Displaying Uncle Russell's Vest Buttons

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new family has an impressive history. Earlier this year, J's grandfather gave him his grandfather Russell's vest buttons (his grandfather's grandfather, J's great great grandfather). The small turquoise jewelry box has been worn over the years and carried inside five vest buttons and a hand-written note: Buttons from Grandpa Russell's Wedding Vest Dec 11 - 1867.

The colors are still vibrant against the shell background and we wanted to show these off. I picked up a small shadow box from Ikea and used a light-colored, simple print paper that I already had at home.

The note inside really does tell the story and it's important to remember how special these keepsakes are to everyone who made the effort to save them over the years. Here I mounted the note on dark brown cardstock.

I glued the paper directly on the cardboard backing of the shadow box. In this case, I used foam double-sided tape on the jewelry box and on each of the buttons.

The result is a simple showcase of an important family treasure (for less than $5). I actually put this together while getting ready for our wedding, and it was nice to step away from everything consuming my life and remember that brides and grooms have gone through this exciting time for generations.

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  1. What a beautiful display Debbie! I love it and the story behind those gorgeous buttons. :)