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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of the reasons we love our house is because most of its features are updated, so we have been adding color here and there and truly focusing on the big projects (backyard, for instance). Since we have spent so much time working on the areas of the house that most people get to see, we really never focused on our bedroom – it was just where we crashed at the end of the day. Even after getting married, I refused to put on our new bedding until the room was painted.

We moved into a master bedroom painted in “butter yellow” and although adorable, it just doesn’t mesh with our style. Since our bedding was picked out a year ago when we were completing our wedding registry, we had some direction. We were looking for a warm, coastal hotel-inspired setting without too much color.

We picked a nice light beige (sorry, I don't have the exact color anymore) for the four walls and white for a fresh coat on the ceiling. And with the new colors, I finally put on our Pottery Barn and Hotel Collection bedding, all wedding gifts from our family and friends.

Then I wanted to get a little crazy with subtle lines across the wall behind our bed. I spent a Saturday evening making the perfect lines with a level (no lasers involved). Looking sharp!

And then the paint went on ...

... Not so subtle. With any other bedding, this might be an adorable room. I'm seeing dark and light blues, some taupes. Adorable. But for us, it just wasn't cutting it.

Since I can’t let anything like this stand too long in fear of destroying my reputation, I rushed to Ace Hardware immediately after work on Monday and found a complementing color that would cover that wall, different from the other three walls. I picked out Artisan Tan by Sherwin-Williams and it needed two coats to cover the lines. Although the color didn't really come through until the next day with the sunlight, it’s a much better alternative to the stripes.

The first step in re-doing this room is done! We have been searching for new furniture and I've been stalking Pinterest for some great ideas! Watch the room improve with us!

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