craft: chalkboard paint inspiration

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinterest has really changed my life. Seriously! Ask my friends and husband; I’m a better person because of Pinterest. Constantly looking at pictures and pinning them to one of my 22 boards (as of 8/23/11) inspires me to get out there and try something new! I even took on the daunting task of painting horizontal lines on a bedroom wall, only to abort and cover everything up again (more on that later).

The problem is time. How do I find enough of it to take on all of the cool projects that I’ve pinned while still being a hard working corporate gal, keeping myself in shape (I’m “this” close to committing to my tenth half marathon), and making sure my friendships and marriage are always number one? That’s why I’m here, I suppose. To stay inspired (and hopefully inspire you along the way).

Here are some of my Pinterest "chalkboard" favorites from creative and inspiring bloggers.

Look out for our master bedroom striped wall, er, not-so-striped wall, coming tomorrow!

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  1. Love! Please know the chalkboard paint is in my "take to Cotton house" pile.