craft: alphabet soup art

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(Today, I design my alphabet soup.)

My mom wasn't much of the canned soup type, but I am definitely the kind of gal to see something I like and make something with a Debbie touch. In this case, the alphabet soup graphic being created by different artists is pretty awesome and my Photoshop skills are sort of rusty. I found the picture of our Pottery Barn bedding and used those colors in the letters.

The image is 8.5"x10" and I typed out the alphabet a few times using Franklin Gothic Heavy font and used the same red in the bedding to make our names stand out. The key with this project is moving the lines side-to-side until the letters line up and the names come through.

Then I matched the color of the quilt, which also lays across our bed, and changed every other letter.

The wall color is similar to our wall so I matched the color in this image and used it to change the remaining black letters. Through a Wedding Paper Divas graphic, I added a heart in the center.

The final graphic is worthy of a professional design, if I do say so myself. And my Photoshop skills are back in full swing! Once I get some light in this house, I'll frame the graphic and place it above our bed in one of the three empty frames.
You think this is good? You should check out The Whole EnCHELLEada and her amazing work during the last week of the September Challenge ... and in her second to last week in California.

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  1. It turned out so AWESOME!!! I love how perfectly it matches your bedding. You do good work, IHB!