diy: new life to shabby furniture

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

(Today, I give an old piece of furniture new life.)

On a trip back from wine country over two years ago, we stopped into Pier 1 Imports to search for a wine rack that would hold all of those new bottles. What we found was much better: furniture! This floor model was inexpensive and we knew eventually it would get a makeover, but for two years it did its job. (And at the time of this picture, it did a really good job holding all of our wedding cards.)

Since the wine racks were difficult to take out, spray painting was my only sane option.  After a good cleaning, I used primer and then painted the piece with matte black paint.

I lined the drawers with striped paper from the $1 bin at Michaels. A girl is always looking for a good deal!

Its new home will be right next to the front door and above it will be the gallery I'm working on ... I've already said too much!

Since I provided you nothing more than a few words to describe this project, there are other experts out there that I reached out to for advice and wisdom. Check out Project House Love and read how they've turned homely looking pieces into glamorous furniture.

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  1. So funny - now that I see the before pictures I remember that it was red. In my head it was always black, because it looks amazing in black! Nice work!!