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Friday, September 16, 2011

(Today, I give you a glimpse into our wedding.)

One of the best components of our wedding was the photobooth and the scrapbook we had on hand for our guests to glue a photostrip and write a message. The day after the wedding when we finally caught our breath and looked through the book, we laughed so hard that we teared up with gratitude for adding this to our wedding day.

Then I started adding the small details that were so important for me to make and have during our wedding events, including the cupcake flags and the programs.

And things that might not be a big deal to anyone but me were placed on blank pages. Here are the signs we had at the photobooth with instructions for our guests and the day of overview.

With a wedding our size, you can imagine the pile of cards we received. We made sure to hold on to all of the special messages, but I'm not a pack rat and most of the cards went into the recycle bin. I cut out the message and placed it next to the writer's photobooth picture.

Then there's the door handles we gave to our guests and the containers from the dessert bar, all of which were so special and could easily have been forgotten. Instead, I included them in the book.

 And when it's all said and done, we have a keepsake book with the photobooth pictures, messages from our family and friends, and the personal details that made our wedding day so unique.

Here is a list of what is collected in the keepsake book: rehearsal dinner cupcake flags; messages that were given to us in cards and through the RSVPs; door handle sign; photobooth signs; surfboard instructions sign; day of overview; ceremony programs; a guest bag with label; guest bag program with local attractions; thank you note that we sent to our guests and vendors; wedding invitation; bridal shower invitations; sign used on the cards birdcage; announcement list for MC; save the date; reserved signs from reception; and dessert bar containers; cookie label from guest bags.

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