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Thursday, September 22, 2011

For most holidays and special events, Jeremy has received one-of-a-kind collage cards with pictures, small pieces of paper and a few words. In honor of today's September Challenge, I share with the IHB readers some of the cards that have brought tears to the young buck's eyes, including this year's Valentine's Day card with pictures of our engagement photoshoot at Fenway Park in Boston.

This card was a collage of "debbie and jeremy" pictures given to him on our first Valentine's Day. To fill some of the white space, I used scrapbook paper and stamped a few "heartfelt" words.

Happy 32 birthday Jeremy with a memory collage of pictures from the previous year of his life, including all of the major sports trades that really made that year special (oh, and the fact that we bought a house, got engaged and he ran the Boston marathon ... ).

On our two year dating anniversary, I created another collage of "debbie and jeremy" pictures, filling some of the white space with pieces of pink scrapbook paper.

For another birthday, the Whole EnCHELLEada gave me some of her 50 state scrapbook paper, and I used a square from each state he has lived in, highlighting the most important one!

These cards have become a tradition and he now looks forward to receiving them more than a gift. It's incredibly easy to create small pictures on your computer, print them out on regular paper or cardstock, and cut them out. The best part is moving the squares around and creating a puzzle. Your creativity is endless when you need to fill the white space - use construction paper, pieces of special messages to each other or ribbon.

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