home: shells, sand and friends

Monday, September 26, 2011

(Today, we step into a beach getaway.)

As we get older and find ourselves moving away from home, going to college, bouncing around from coast to coast, town to town, I have been fortunate enough to hold onto a handful of true friends. That is the case with MA, a fellow small town farm girl that I met while on a high school FFA trip and who I ultimately lived with during that turbulent first year as a freshman in college (she's the first roommate I ever had ... you're welcome MA!).

MA and her husband invited us along with our other friends to spend the weekend at her family's beach house in Aptos, California, and the three-story family getaway is a reflection of a down-to-earth family that enjoys a classical beach style with touches of modern design. Here are a few of the small details that can be found around the house, including this local print and a vase to store beach treasures.

As you enter the beach house, you'll see these two signs in a second kitchen and laundry room. This is a great space to leave behind sandy shoes and wet bathing suits.

It's all in the details. On the left is a starfish drawer knob found on a bureau and on the right is a water faucet with a shell knob outside on the deck.

Still on the second level of the home you find youself eye to eye with these classic oars and outside you can sit on this adorable aged bench.

These two faux shells decorate a table while this chic dresser and its glass knobs store linens. The mirror and its shells reflect the beach calm that we enjoyed during our stay.

A big heartfelt thanks to the Charters for letting us enjoy the oceanview, watching dolphins play in the waves, and their friendship. You're welcome for bringing LRC, or RLC, or CLR ... Love you Caddy!

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