Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired by Tying the Knot

(Today, I learn a valuable wife skill.)

During tonight's shift at my it's-so-much-fun-that-I-work-here-for-the-discount job, I noticed a new tutorial sign on the fitting room wall: how to tie a tie. How timely: my husband isn't a fan of this process, and actually gets a little frustrated when he has to tie one for himself. And since I hate walking through life not knowing something as crucial as tying a tie, I experimented with different styles and learned a few things about creating the important knot.

First, I started with the four-in-hand knot. This actually looked incredibly awful when I finished and just wasn't tight enough. The four-in-hand knot is an informal method and works great for skinny ties (which are SO back in).

Next was the half-windor knot and my product was spectacular. I had a few bumps at first, making the skinny end too long and ultimately having an unbalanced tie. But I especially liked the result and this is the best option for a semi-formal event.

The windsor knot is specific for formal events and leaves you with a thicker knot. I had trouble with this version but got the hang of it, but enough to really like the heavier product.

My favorite was the half-windsor knot, and I'm mostly saying this because it was the easiest knot that had amazing results. And frankly, I really like dressing up the mannequins (it's the preferred knot in the store)!

Thanks Banana Republic for teaching me another valuable skill!!!


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