sew: chevron print + pillow = heaven

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When I stumbled onto this website - thanks to a reference from Homepodge - I was immediately pinning all over the place. These pillows are so pretty, have the best color combination and are just darn creative. Since the chevron print is as popular in the design world as those Twilight boys are in the movie theatre, I'm sure these will get a lot of attention.

Kristin Eldridge took the time to put together a tutorial for us hungry DIYers so I'll save myself the trouble of listing out the steps and send you along to her website. Go on .. give her chevron pillows some attention!

My version is similar - I also used Ikea fabric and a green backing. The unique feature about this green fabric is that it used to serve as the packaging from my West Elm duvet cover. I did have to split the fabric in two in order to make it fit, but it worked! And I was able to repurpose something that I just didn't have the heart to throw into the garbage.

The final shape was a result of my trial and error with cutting rectangles and trying to line up stripes, so it's more narrow than I expected. But I still love this fluffy piece!


  1. Gosh, my old room keeps getting cuter and cuter :) I love that you reused the duvet bag - so clever. Nice work with making your own chevron print too!

  2. It's in YOUR honor that I'm trying to dress up that room. I didn't give it enough love before you moved in my good friend. I miss you!

  3. It is a wonderful pattern- I love bold contrast!