Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pinterest Idea: Ruffle Pillow

Pillows seem to be the best project to test my sewing skills and this house is starting to overflow with random mismatched pillows (trophies?!). Even my Pinterest DIY-Fabric board carries a few ruffle pillow ideas and I just need to get on track with actually trying out my pins. As encouraged by Young House Love and their unofficial Pinterest Challenge, we begin a pillow with the materials used for this project: 1/2 yard of one fabric (the pillow body), 1/4 yard of another fabric (ruffle), pillow insert.

Cut out two larger pieces of fabric that will ultimately be the pillow cover. Put those two pieces to the side and with the remaining fabric, cut two long pieces of fabric (about 3" to 4" wide) and with an iron, fold them in half and create a strong crease.

This is the fun part. Don't worry about making perfectly even folds for the ruffle effect. Just start folding the fabric over and ironing down so you don't have out-of-control fabric strips.

Lay out your ruffle strips. Note: lay out both the outter and inner ruffles so you don't end up with too much space between the two. Then remove the inner ruffles, straighten out your outter ruffles and pin to the main pillow fabric.

For this project, I used a zig-zag stitch. I just really like the way it looks (although its going to be covered).

Repeat steps with the inner ruffle. Leave a little space between for an extra ruffle. Can you ever really have enough?

With leftover fabric, use a strip of 3" wide fabric and iron the edges in.

Once you lay out the fabric in the center, use two straight lines along the edges to hold the fabric in place.

There are a few parts of this pillow that I can clearly see could have been straighter but 'mistakes are just proof that I've been trying.' (thanks Pinterest)

Remember: it's fun to pin all day long, but it's more fun to actually busy your hands and try it out for yourself. Pinterest for President!!!!!!!


  1. Adorable!!! I have both of those fabrics too!!! So cute. Great job!

  2. DMC for President, Pinterest for VP!!! Love the ruffles - great job!

  3. Love your pillow. Great colors. I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on DIY Home Sweet Home. Would love you to check it out.

  4. I love your pillow! Perfect color combo!

  5. I especially love the turquoise pillow, it's beautiful! I'm a new follower, please drop by when you have a chance. http://decoratingwcents.blogspot.com

  6. Beautiful! My heart craves those colors. Stopping by from HoH.


  7. Love the pillow! It is always neat to see another's take on a pillow idea. Would love to have you come link-up at Finished it Friday! Have a fabulous weekend!
    ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  8. I love this pillow! The fabric you chose is So cute:)

  9. PILLOWS!!! I love the patterns you chose for your pillow! Your pins are all so cute, this is really kicking me in the butt to get started on my couch pillows! :) Thanks for the inspiration! I would LOVE for you to stop by my blog too, if you have a chance! P.S. I am a new follower!!!

    Jeni @Becoming Martha

  10. I love your pillows too! I have a little sewing and fabric craft linky party I'm starting tomorrow and I was wondering if you could be so kind to stop by and post it? Thanks so much!
    Sew Country Chick

  11. Cute pillow! I love the pleated ruffles and the great tutorial too.

  12. What a cute pillow, I've been meaning to make some myself but its still waiting on my to do list, also love the yellow fabric I used it on my lampshades.

  13. Your pillow came out great! Love your fabric choices. Nice work!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  14. Great colors!! I would love to have you link up at my linky party...junkintheirtrunk.blogspot.com/2011/11/link-it-up-wednesday_08.html
    Heidi @ {Junk in their Trunk}

  15. Adorable! I love throw pillows--and this one is so dang cute!

  16. So, this really strange, but I bought that EXACT combo of brown and yellow fabrics for a Fall wreath. I never made the wreath, but I love those 3 prints together (the yellow, brown dot and brown houndstooth). How funny that you picked the same three!! I love love love how your pillow turned out!

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