Pinterest-a-thon #1 Round Up

Monday, November 21, 2011

On behalf of our Pinterest-inspired group, thank you to everyone who participated in last week's Pinterest-a-thon!! To IHB, 14 enteries is success! And instead of just picking one or two favorites, everyone is a favorite!! Please check out the amazing creativity filling the Internet and visit our new friends below.



Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new friends. We continue to be inspired by Pinterest and will stack up the projects in time for our next Pinterest-a-thon in December! Wishing you a wonderful week!!


  1. Oh wow!! I am very chuffed! So excuse me while I blush in my little corner of the world :-)

  2. Thank you Debbie! Happy Holidays to you...


  3. Thank you very much for the feature! I love all the other great ideas as well! That was very kind of you!

  4. Thanks for featuring me! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. My heart goes pitter patter!!! Thanks so much friend!

    Aimee @

  6. I sooo need to do something like this...actually do some of the things I am pinning! :-)