Pinterest-a-thon: Map Love

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today, you just have me! There's nothing really special about me except maybe my absolute love for learning how to create new things and repurposing most of what we already have. A great big thank you to Cece, Michelle, Kimie and Carrie for agreeing to take this challenge on at IHB! Don't forget to link up and we'll showcase some of our favorites next week!

Where is the world is IHB?
Maps are overlooked as solid pieces of art but Pinterest has changed that perception for us DIYers. Thanks to my friends helping out on IHB this week, there was a little more time on my part to highlight two projects today that incorporate maps and finally scratch off two bucket list craft projects.

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Project One
Months ago, our bedroom received a much needed fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, and then the horizontal stripe wall catastrophe (see story here) which became a solid color again. At about the same time, I also picked up these Ribba frames from Ikea and actually hung them on the wall, Ikea graphics and all.
During our honeymoon this year to France and Spain, we saved a lot of our brochures, maps and tickets. Going through the small ziplock bag of materials (I didn't want to leave), I pulled out a few maps and selected a nice range from our trip.

Using the mat that came with the frame as a template, I outlined the maps and cut them to fit three frames.

One map had an eye-sore of a legend so I found a scrap from a Saint Jean de Luz, France, surf shop bag to cover it. A train ticket, museum pass or receipt all work as well. The result: three gorgeous frames above our bed reminding us of that amazing trip - Paris, France; Saint Jean de Luz, France; and San Sebastian, Spain.


Project Two
Traveling is a privilege and it's rare to step back and actually see the scope of where in the world we've been. For anyone who has been in a different country and traveled hours, maybe days, to get to any one destination, it's nice to remember how small we are in this great big world. I'm going to remember just this by repurposing this $5 yard sale find into a corkboard.

On hand I had four small corkboards and with my clever math skills (sarcasm), I figured out that I needed 20 more of the same size to cover this glass. I contemplated for some time as to whether the frame color should change, but for now the black hue is staying. After additional clever math skills and frugality, I walked out of the store with one four pack of 12"x12" and one four pack of 6"x6" corkboards.

Nerd alert: the best part of this project was playing around with the corkboard placement! Ultimately, I created the final layout:

A few of the edges overlapped on one end so I needed to snip four small and one large corkboards. Lesson: like moss and glitter, cork is definitely an outside toy. Be prepared and keep the kitties away.

The doublesided tape that came with the corkboards is not the ideal adhesive for this project - use hot glue. The result is better than any store bought version - this one has DIY character!

I visited a few stores to find a classical world map and unforunately, the perfect size does not exist. So I laid out the map, cut the long edges and folded over some of the map that I am most likely still a few years off from visiting (don't worry Australia, I'm saving up).

Once everything was in place, I stitched the routes we've both had across the U.S. (four) and our recent trip from Paris to San Sebastian, Spain. Then I pinned all of the major places we've been: pink = D, green = J, grey = both. I left out California and most of New England since I didn't want to run out of pins. Now, I have to get a shelf to place this large frame on since there's nothing on the back to hook onto the wall. Doh!

You still have a few hours! Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!


  1. I love both of these projects! Such great use of maps for decorations and to document all your travels. Maybe you need another mantle for the large map? :)

  2. Love these! I especially adore the stitching.

  3. Oh sheesh!! Isn't two enough! Perhaps someone to just hold it up all day!

  4. I love your map projects Debbie! So sweet that they each have a special meaning to you!

  5. i love anything with maps! i love to travel, but i really haven't found a way to decorate with them yet. the stitched trip and pins is perfect!