decorate: quick wardrobe change

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When I quickly arranged our gallery wall in the livingroom, I used materials on hand with a little paint and free printables. In my search for the perfect sized frame to fit our wedding photobooth picture, I found this little thing that held it just fine.

Last month, I finally made it out early enough on a Saturday to visit a yard sale and walked out with this frame for one dollar. Don't be jealous.

Instead of painting the frame, I kept the original faded gold. I used the same fabric for the background and - voila - an upgrade.

The small white frame wasn't thrown to the side and ignored in the process. Sitting on a shelf in our room is the embroidered satin with our monogram that I had taped to the inside of my wedding dress. Since I can't stare at my beautiful dress every single day or try it on every morning before work, this is a nice little reminder of how much I really looked forward to seeing Jeremy's face when I walked into the church!

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