diy: weekend wrap-up

Monday, November 28, 2011

Four full days without work has allowed me to enjoy time with family and friends, clean the house, workout, run errands and use my sharpie on my 'to do' list -- a lot! After an early morning shift on Black Friday and a nap, I spent he remainder of the day online shopping. We're mostly done with our hoilday list and December is still a few days away!! Today I'm sharing a little round-up of the projects that I was finally able to update and finish during the long weekend!

First, Saturday became a better day when I received my Elise Blaha more/less poster print! Because The Whole EnCHELLEada moved back to Colorado, I needed a little something to remember her everyday! I found this dark wood stained frame in a closet (from our 2010 fall mantel), spray painted it white, and made a nice home for it in our room.

Remember the world map on a large frame that I shared during the Pinterest-a-thon? Well, there wasn't a hook to hang this frame in our office. Fortunately, a new RIBBA picture ledge took this from floor art to wall art.

Ikea is one of those places that you find stuff that you didn't even realize you needed until you notice that it only costs $3.99 and you don't know how you've gone all of this time without it. This was the case with my new ENUDDEN towel rack which now hangs my necklaces in the closet. And the case below is a $23 purchase in the Ikea "as is" section where it was a CD holder in a former showroom life.

Once long ago, I spent an evening covering up cardboard letters with fabric and since then I have really lost interest in the pastel look of "INSPIRE" in the studio. Then The Whole EnCHELLEada inspired me to create faux iron letters. So I pulled off all of the fabric and used her technique to create a more modern look.

In the spirit of changing out the girly colors in the studio, this inspiration board redo was redone with a simple polka dot print in light green. That Ikea got me again and I added a $6.99 corkboard with a painted white trim below. Now there's lots of space to pin ideas and keepsakes.

A simple seat cushion doesn't seem like a big deal but the grey stripes caught my attention and the price tag wasn't too shabby. And now that my rump has sat in that chair sewing all day, it actually does make a difference in comfort.

Have a great week!! xoxo Debbie

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  1. The more/less poster in gray with white frame looks FABULOUS! I'm so happy to know we both wake up to the same inspiration, more or less ;)

    Your inspire letters look GREAT! The fabric was fun, but the gunmetal gray looks really nice. Hey maybe this can be a yearly tradition...recover the letters!

    Thanks for the continued inspiration IHB! <3