diy: create your own holiday stockings

Friday, December 23, 2011

The truth is that I started this sewing project last year but finished it this year. And what makes this story more pathetic, is that this blog draft has been a week in the making ... bloggers get busy too! When I started making my own stockings for the mantel, the holidays were over before I knew it. This year, I can finally finish this blog post (December 23 at 11 p.m. is definitely still prime holiday season).

As is typical of most of my posts, I sought out guidance from someone and pinpointed my favorite tutorial at Prudent Baby. I didn't follow the directions completely but it got me through this project. Sorry most of the steps are left out, but the final details are key.


The planning on this project was not entirely thought out and I didn't add an identifier for the Mr. and Mrs. Fortunately for everyone involved, I did come across these cardboard cutout letters in my stash.

Everything looks better with glitter (Elmers glue as adhesive - so third grade) ... but my 30 plus self reminds you that glitter is still an outside toy.

... and leftover striped fabric from my Christmas tree skirt project glued to the back of the templates.

Attached to our stockings.

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