home: perking up the bedroom window

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The ongoing to do list for our little house includes "master bedroom curtains" and I wasn't really looking to find drapes when I walked into Burlington Coat Factory during a craft stop next door at Jo-Ann. Have you ever been to Burlington? Then you know it's a small miracle that I actually found something that works for our sun and sand inspired bedroom. And for $20!

With a gift card received just 24 hours before, we picked up a curtain rod at Home Depot (and firewood, paper towels and a wreath storage container).

J went straight for a post-Christmas nap and I started measuring the wall to fit the satin nickel Martha Stewart Living curtain rod that we chose for our wall.

I had to move over my new Elise Blaha inspirational print (thanks!) but I love how the eyes of the bedroom finally have some eyeshadow!


  1. What a deal! Burlington (not just a coat factory) does have some good deals, but I've never actually found anything. So congrats to you! Most importantly - so happy the eye of your room has some eyeshadow!! :)

  2. This is on my to-do-list too! I figure it is high time to remove the sheet:/ Still on the hunt for a pattern and color combo I like....