diy: christmas projects on the cheap

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Banister Oh La La!
When Debbie first announced our Christmas Pinterest challenge, I was totally stoked! I asked myself what projects could be done on the cheap! So, if you like DIY's that don't cost a lot, read up! My first project was inspired by this pin from Better Homes and Gardens.

  1. a banister (sorry Debbie, that probably hurts)!
  2. free tree trimmings
  3. ribbon
  4. small balls (hey, i know what you're thinking, keep it clean)!
  5. fishing line
  6. glue gun
  7. scissors or tree trimmer
I drove to a local tree farm and picked up free douglas fir trimmings (they even held my baby while I went dumpster diving)! I then walked to my neighbors, batted my eyes and acquired free holly from his tree and bare branches from our yard.

I cleared off my dining room table (I highly recommend you don't do this. A garage or backyard would be far more appropriate). First, I layered and trimmed the branches, then the tree trimmings, and lastly the holly. Then, I tied everything together with a ribbon.

I decided to hot glue the glass balls together, just because I feel really powerful with that gun in my hand. And because I'm kind of lazy, I glued the glass balls onto the ribbon, which turned out to be one of the smartest ideas I've ever come up with (copyright).

With the fishing line, I evenly spaced out the works of art and attached them to the banister in two places. Voila! Although time consuming, this was a super fun and cheap project that I will definitely repeat next year!

Christmas Card Tree
Let me be the first to admit that I apparently don't have as many friends as the tree on Pinterest! Seriously, this was so easy an 8-year-old could have done it (no offense to 8-year-olds). This idea was inspired by the pin from Martha Stewart.

  1. branches
  2. friends (for your christmas cards)
  3. hole punch
  4. ribbon
  5. vase
  6. ornaments
  7. tree trimmer for branches
Once again, I ventured into my yard with my husband's tree trimmer and rain boots (I can imagine my neighbors standing at their windows cracking up at me in such a scene) and got myself some branches! Then, I filled my glass vase with sand to keep the branches in place. I added the branches, did a little trimming, and tied the red ornaments to the branches. I hole-punched my favorite Christmas cards (please don't hate me if you mailed me a card and it's not up there), tied a ribbon through the hole, and hung them on the tree.

Personally, I like the tree from Pinterest better, but everyone who has seen my tree thinks I'm brilliant (we don't have very smart friends). Give it a try and see what kind of Christmas card tree the unique branches in your yard create!

Merry Christmas!  - Kimie

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  1. Oh Kimmie, you crack me UP! Thanks for the laughs and great holiday ideas on the cheap. I do have a banister (sorry, DMC) and no tree, so maybe this would be good to make the place more festive! Love the card tree too.

  2. I pinned an invitation label that you have given a tutorial on and the link isn't working. I wondered if you might be able to send the link to the tutorial or send me the month you posted it on your blog. It was posted on Wedding Bee and it was for Bridal Shower Invitation labels. Thanks!