Pinterest-a-thon: a feast to warm the home

Friday, December 16, 2011

After the first Pinterest-a-thon, Cece said that I should take on a challenge by doing something that I'm actually not good at - cooking. And there's no better time than the holidays to try out new dishes and consume a few extra calories (wink). During this month's holiday Pinterest-a-thon, I'm getting in the holiday spirit by using my new pots and pans. Here is a glimpse of the inspiration that didn't burn the house down ..

Crockery Pot Clam Chowder from 50+ Friends Club Cookbook (Sorry, a picture wasn't taken before the chowder was devoured.) I skipped the bacon in this recipe so that my vegetarian BFF could enjoy my dish.

This all seems amazing, but the real powerhouse here is the fact that I actually used for the first time a lot of our wedding gifts: scone pan, food processor, garlic press (smashing candy canes), zester, potato peeler, serving platters, cheese dome, and crock pot. Yowwza!

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  1. I am SO PROUD OF YOU for cooking so much! J must be in heaven!! I'm also a smidge jealous I didn't get to try all of this loveliness. I know, I know I choose to move to CO.

    Brilliant to use the garlic press for candy canes!!

    Thanks for another fabulous week of Pin-spiration! XO

  2. Debbie, that pasta salad looks amazing! I bet it was tasty.

  3. These all look awesome! I am the same way... I do not like cooking/baking munch. Give me a glue gun over a mixing bowl any day! But I am trying to get more into it as I get older.