Pinterest-a-thon: have you hugged your wreath today?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I am so happy to be back here to share not one but two yarn wrapped holiday wreaths because I just couldn't stop at one! Here is my Pin-spiration:

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The original idea was inspired by IHB back in September when we had a craft day where she made this warm fall wreath and I made these yarn wrapped letters. I have quite a bit of leftover yarn that made the move with me. As the holidays approached I knew exactly how I'd be using that extra yarn. With so many great ideas and plenty of yarn, I decided to make one for our front door and one for my office door.

I absolutely love how they turned out and if I had more doors might make more (slightly kidding).
Argyle Wreath
After you've wrapped your wreath in yarn.
  1. Using two colors of felt, cut 10 diamonds. I drew a diamond on paper and used that as my guide for measuring/cutting. Space out diamond and loosely glue to wreath.
  2. Pin (ha!) your yarn on the backside top of the wreath and begin to wrap around the front of the wreath at an angle, making sure you and crossing in front of each diamond.
  3. Pin your yarn again in the same place and begin wrapping around the front at the opposite angle. You will see your argyle starting to develop. Pin the yarn one last time. Put a dab of hot glue on that pin to hold it all in in place.
  4. Give your wreath a hug (isn't it so soft?). Now hang it on the door to be admired. 
Holiday Berries and Rosettes
After you've wrapped your wreath in yarn...
  1. Create several felt rosettes using a variety of colors of your choosing. Want to know how to make those rosettes? Felt flowers tutorial on Blue Cricket Design . I also free-hand cut a few leaves to balance things out a tad.
  2. Place berries on wreath and glue down.
  3. Arrange rosettes on wreath, rearrange 5 times until you feel they are exactly where you want them, and hot glue into place.
  4. Carefully hug your wreath (not quite as hugable as the argyle, but still soft). Now hang it on the door to be admired.
Sending you warm holiday wishes from my craft room to yours! - Michelle @TWE

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  1. Michelle I love these wreaths! If you really want to make more, I have a door that needs a new wreath. Happy Holidays!