wedding: a place for cards and gifts

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm catching up this weekend while traveling and hiding from hurricane Irene. I came across shots from one of my projects for the beautiful Cruse wedding last month. The bride asked to borrow our birdcage for the wedding cards. With a little more time, I personalized the sign for this outdoor vintage-inspired gathering.

I used an inexpensive pre-cut wood sign from Michael's and painted it white.

I used the Cricut for the lowercase letters from the actual invitation glimmer brown paper and glued each letter directly on the wood.

I hot-glued leftover natural-looking ribbon directly on the sign, making sure to not have any wrinkles or lifted edges.

Using a pink polka-dot patterned paper, I outlined the wood and cut an exact shape to cover the ribbon and finish off the back.

Just weaving the ribbon through the cage wasn't keeping the sign in place, so I ended up hot-gluing the exposed ribbon to the sign for safekeeping.

It was great to use this birdcage for the wedding of great friends. Who else wants to borrow?

No time to make this sign? Visit IHB on Etsy and purchase one today!

What Can You Do With $4?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

... Besides buy a great cup of coffee?

After recently walking away from Jo-Ann Fabrics with empty hands, I needed immediate retail therapy next door at Burlington Coat Factory. Did you know that the store has more than coats? I mean, I wasn't really looking for a coat but when the directional sign pointed to 'housewares', it was like a moth to the flame.

I made a few rounds through the aisles, desperately hoping that a tray or vase would illuminate, but nothing screamed my name. I took one last (third) shuffle through the kitchen aisle and found the sunniest modern print on a set of towels, tablecloths and napkins. I picked up a package of four napkins, turned over for the price ... $3.99!

There's really only one thing I can do with four napkins and an hour dedicated to crafty time -- pillows! So that I don't bore you with another pillow tutorial, I'll just send you to Sew, Mama, Sew to get you started. In order to use these napkins, I took apart the seams along the edges. I used an exacto knife and those puppies came right out. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying this is the best option, but it's an option nonetheless.)

After some heavy ironing, I followed the inner most stitch and just made basic pillows. I had to cut some excess fabric so that we wouldn't have bunchy edges.

Since most of my pictures are taken at night when there is zero natural light coming into our house, this picture is mediocre at best. But the studio is on its way to becoming a fun and bright place (just in time for The Whole EnCHELLEada's arrival). Total cost: $4.

home: inspired by a coastal dream

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One of the reasons we love our house is because most of its features are updated, so we have been adding color here and there and truly focusing on the big projects (backyard, for instance). Since we have spent so much time working on the areas of the house that most people get to see, we really never focused on our bedroom – it was just where we crashed at the end of the day. Even after getting married, I refused to put on our new bedding until the room was painted.

We moved into a master bedroom painted in “butter yellow” and although adorable, it just doesn’t mesh with our style. Since our bedding was picked out a year ago when we were completing our wedding registry, we had some direction. We were looking for a warm, coastal hotel-inspired setting without too much color.

We picked a nice light beige (sorry, I don't have the exact color anymore) for the four walls and white for a fresh coat on the ceiling. And with the new colors, I finally put on our Pottery Barn and Hotel Collection bedding, all wedding gifts from our family and friends.

Then I wanted to get a little crazy with subtle lines across the wall behind our bed. I spent a Saturday evening making the perfect lines with a level (no lasers involved). Looking sharp!

And then the paint went on ...

... Not so subtle. With any other bedding, this might be an adorable room. I'm seeing dark and light blues, some taupes. Adorable. But for us, it just wasn't cutting it.

Since I can’t let anything like this stand too long in fear of destroying my reputation, I rushed to Ace Hardware immediately after work on Monday and found a complementing color that would cover that wall, different from the other three walls. I picked out Artisan Tan by Sherwin-Williams and it needed two coats to cover the lines. Although the color didn't really come through until the next day with the sunlight, it’s a much better alternative to the stripes.

The first step in re-doing this room is done! We have been searching for new furniture and I've been stalking Pinterest for some great ideas! Watch the room improve with us!

craft: chalkboard paint inspiration

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinterest has really changed my life. Seriously! Ask my friends and husband; I’m a better person because of Pinterest. Constantly looking at pictures and pinning them to one of my 22 boards (as of 8/23/11) inspires me to get out there and try something new! I even took on the daunting task of painting horizontal lines on a bedroom wall, only to abort and cover everything up again (more on that later).

The problem is time. How do I find enough of it to take on all of the cool projects that I’ve pinned while still being a hard working corporate gal, keeping myself in shape (I’m “this” close to committing to my tenth half marathon), and making sure my friendships and marriage are always number one? That’s why I’m here, I suppose. To stay inspired (and hopefully inspire you along the way).

Here are some of my Pinterest "chalkboard" favorites from creative and inspiring bloggers.

Look out for our master bedroom striped wall, er, not-so-striped wall, coming tomorrow!

wedding: DIY vintage wedding

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The highest form of flattery is when a friend reaches out to me for inspiration and advice. That was the case when my dearest friend Amanda became engaged soon after we did, and we immediately shared ideas, talked about what could be DIY, and pumped each other up with energy and confidence that it will all be spectacular.

We were lucky enough to join the radiant bride and her hunky groom in Santa Ynez, California where the couple exchanged vows at a magnificent winery. It was truly the most beautiful day, picture perfect for this couple. A few pieces at the event were borrowed from us, including the large ‘C’ we had at our wedding and the ‘just married’ sign I made for our pictures. She paired the two perfectly against this classic Fiat.

Inspired by Our Honeymoon

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last week I was looking through pictures of our honeymoon in France and Spain, and completely forgot that we snapped a few shots of my favorite inspired corners. Since I never shared pictures of our European trip, here are a few of my favorites that I hope will inspire me to create something later.

There's something about perfect little white garden boxes and a cute tree planted inside that makes me stop at front doors across Europe to take pictures. (Yes, that's my arm to the left eating ice cream.)

One thing that I love about Europe is the freshness of cheese in the shops, bread in baskets and flowers on the sidewalk. We took way too many pictures of bright flowers but here is one of my favorites in a Paris shop.

Walking through the ch√Ęteau de Versailles was a dream come true - I am a sucker for European royalty, especially the kind with scandal. After walking the beautiful gardens and going through the historical castle, we stumbled upon a decadent dessert shop with gorgeous macaroons in every color.

More door entry candy. I can't get enough and Tours, France was no exception. This door entices shoppers into an over-priced handbag boutique.

As soon as I walked through the hallway of our hotel in Tours, France, I was in love. This wallpaper is so modern and clean that I just had to snap a shot.

This flower pot was created with wine boxes and we found this unique piece outside of a bar in Bordeaux, France.

Once we made it to Southern France, we stayed at an amazing resort in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. We were in walking distance to downtown and you could feel the ocean breeze on our balcony. At breakfast, these little jam jars included chalkboards, because no one is happy spreading strawberry jam thinking that raspberry is going on that muffin.

Here are two shots from our comfortable hotel lobby in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

We crossed the Baie de Chingoudy into Hondarribia, Spain and stayed in a parador, a fortress dating back to 980. Looking past all of the medieval swords, drapes and furniture, this building has a lot of charm, including this little wall arrangement.

Walking around Hondarribia ...

And our ultimate inspiration: food.

We finally put up pictures of our honeymoon in the living room and we walk by those framed reminders everyday. Now I need to be reminded that the inspiration should come out in my work!