sew: setting the table for halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Cotton's! Sorry I haven't shared this year's Halloween mantel, but I just didn't think it worthy of your attention. So take it in and move on to the cool project I worked on this weekend.

There are two places I hate visiting on Saturdays: Costco and Jo-Ann Fabrics. What's even worse than a regular Saturday is the Saturday before Halloween at Jo-Ann Fabrics (actually, Costco was a tough pill to swallow too). But us working girls only have Saturdays and Sundays to prepare for our Monday through Friday accomplishments. This weekend I was in the mindset to make a Halloween tablerunner and my first stop was Kohl's to utilize a gift card that I had from the holidays. Then I darted over to JoAnn's Fabrics to formulate my brainchild.

I came home with two festive Halloween placemats, a 1 yard remnant from the clearance bin, and a half yard of orange dot fabric. I wasn't too sure what exactly my plan was, but let's get a crackin'.

Since there was more of the 1 yard fabric, I split it in two and layed over the table. I then took the orange fabric and measured the center, making sure there was about 2 inches hanging over the table and a quarter inch overlapping the three pieces of fabric (see below).

A quick straight stitch connects three pieces twice. Layering the pieces, front facing each other, add a quick stitch along both of the long ends. At this point, the tube should be inside out.

After turning the fabric back to outside out (I had to think about that for a second), iron along the edges so the runner is crisp and flat. At this point, I placed the runner back on the table. Taking the two placemats, pin them to the ends of the runner, making sure they hang over the table.

To make sure that the placemats return to their designated spots while finishing off the fabric, use chalk to mark where the edge of the placemat will go.

For a simple way to finish off the ends of this runner, turn in the hems and iron them flat, making sure the creases of the fabric are strong enough to hold in the fabric during your finishing stitches.
Pin the placemat back to its marked spot and sew a straight line directly over the runner fabric. In this case, I was able to use an existing stitch as my beacon.

The final product is better than I imagined!! I love the color combinations (purple, green and orange) and it was a simple DIY with lots of impact in this room! Total cost: $14!


Help me choose a new header this week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding time to create material and post on this amazing blog is difficult, but it's incredibly important to me that I do make that time and continue to be creative.  Other blogs make me green with envy when they showcase sharp headers, while my template barely hangs by a string of twine. I took the first step by opening a page in photoshop and googling instructions. The Blog Designer Network is tremendously helpful and actually got me this first design.

Monday's design:

Tuesday's design:

Wednesday's design:

Wednesday brings the existing design on the top of the page, and I'm going to attempt a new header every day this week. Any suggestions? Yes, I'm looking for feedback!

craft: fall is shining through!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

After these last few days, it’s hard to deny that Fall is here. Even in Northern California where the sun shines most of the year and walk/runs are scheduled in October when the weather is nicer, we have seen rain and the temperature drop!

All of this Mother Nature talk aside, I’m excited to turn our house into a warm and cozy place for the season! This year, we don’t have a wedding knocking on our door and we can actually enjoy the present. During a visit to Target last week with The Whole EnCHELLEada, we found these glittered foam cutouts in the shape of leaves, turkeys and pumpkins. Always a sucker for glitter, I picked up two packs of leaves.

With the handy dandy Cricut, I cut out letters from yellow paper embossed with polka dots.

Although I was a little worried about using my reliable glue on this material, it pulled through after stacking all of the leaves and placing a really heavy book on top of the pile.  With a hole punch, I created two holes equal distance apart on each leaf and used twine to connect them.

The first project of the Fall season and the only thing on display so far. This was an easy DIY project that I was able to start and finish during one episode of Sons of Anarchy - and only $2!!

I've said it before and I say it again - glitter is an outside toy. Now I need to spend a little time this weekend with the vacuum. So worth it!