sew: sneak a peak under this skirt

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This post has been a year in the making when I decided last year to make our Christmas tree skirt, but packed up the holidays with zero skirt in tow! Now given, I was in the midst of planning a wedding and holiday projects were not a priority. But we’re in full blogging and crafting force this year, so I am adding a fresh, handmade skirt to our Christmas tree.

Again, I relied on the kindness of my blogging friends to even begin this project, and a great big hug and thank you to Sew 4 Home for providing an incredibly easy-to-follow pattern and instructions. But I did make a few changes to the step-by-step instructions so that this project was completed before Christmas.

Instead of using the amount of fabric suggested on Sew 4 Home, I used three different patterns and picked up 2 yards of each with plenty leftover for extra projects around the house. Since I had all of this fabric, I opted to continue the patchwork design on both sides instead of a solid print on one side.

Since the two sides were patchwork, they weren't lined up perfectly (gasp!), so I skipped the "stitch in the ditch" step of stitching down the middle of each piece and went rogue by just stitching the edges (double gasp!).

I used a natural cotton batting on the inside and it gave this tree skirt more depth.

The instructions also called to make the strips and ties, but the clock was pushing 10 p.m. and I wasn't going to bed until this was put to bed. So I found a spool of adorable red ribbon with white stitching and evenly distributed four along the opening edges. Done and done!

And as always, I apologize for the quality of the pictures since this project was completed late at night and the pictures were taken before I ran out of the door at 6:15 a.m.

diy: weekend wrap-up

Monday, November 28, 2011

Four full days without work has allowed me to enjoy time with family and friends, clean the house, workout, run errands and use my sharpie on my 'to do' list -- a lot! After an early morning shift on Black Friday and a nap, I spent he remainder of the day online shopping. We're mostly done with our hoilday list and December is still a few days away!! Today I'm sharing a little round-up of the projects that I was finally able to update and finish during the long weekend!

First, Saturday became a better day when I received my Elise Blaha more/less poster print! Because The Whole EnCHELLEada moved back to Colorado, I needed a little something to remember her everyday! I found this dark wood stained frame in a closet (from our 2010 fall mantel), spray painted it white, and made a nice home for it in our room.

Remember the world map on a large frame that I shared during the Pinterest-a-thon? Well, there wasn't a hook to hang this frame in our office. Fortunately, a new RIBBA picture ledge took this from floor art to wall art.

Ikea is one of those places that you find stuff that you didn't even realize you needed until you notice that it only costs $3.99 and you don't know how you've gone all of this time without it. This was the case with my new ENUDDEN towel rack which now hangs my necklaces in the closet. And the case below is a $23 purchase in the Ikea "as is" section where it was a CD holder in a former showroom life.

Once long ago, I spent an evening covering up cardboard letters with fabric and since then I have really lost interest in the pastel look of "INSPIRE" in the studio. Then The Whole EnCHELLEada inspired me to create faux iron letters. So I pulled off all of the fabric and used her technique to create a more modern look.

In the spirit of changing out the girly colors in the studio, this inspiration board redo was redone with a simple polka dot print in light green. That Ikea got me again and I added a $6.99 corkboard with a painted white trim below. Now there's lots of space to pin ideas and keepsakes.

A simple seat cushion doesn't seem like a big deal but the grey stripes caught my attention and the price tag wasn't too shabby. And now that my rump has sat in that chair sewing all day, it actually does make a difference in comfort.

Have a great week!! xoxo Debbie

sew: chevron print + pillow = heaven

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When I stumbled onto this website - thanks to a reference from Homepodge - I was immediately pinning all over the place. These pillows are so pretty, have the best color combination and are just darn creative. Since the chevron print is as popular in the design world as those Twilight boys are in the movie theatre, I'm sure these will get a lot of attention.

Kristin Eldridge took the time to put together a tutorial for us hungry DIYers so I'll save myself the trouble of listing out the steps and send you along to her website. Go on .. give her chevron pillows some attention!

My version is similar - I also used Ikea fabric and a green backing. The unique feature about this green fabric is that it used to serve as the packaging from my West Elm duvet cover. I did have to split the fabric in two in order to make it fit, but it worked! And I was able to repurpose something that I just didn't have the heart to throw into the garbage.

The final shape was a result of my trial and error with cutting rectangles and trying to line up stripes, so it's more narrow than I expected. But I still love this fluffy piece!

Pinterest-a-thon #1 Round Up

Monday, November 21, 2011

On behalf of our Pinterest-inspired group, thank you to everyone who participated in last week's Pinterest-a-thon!! To IHB, 14 enteries is success! And instead of just picking one or two favorites, everyone is a favorite!! Please check out the amazing creativity filling the Internet and visit our new friends below.



Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new friends. We continue to be inspired by Pinterest and will stack up the projects in time for our next Pinterest-a-thon in December! Wishing you a wonderful week!!

Pinterest-a-thon: Map Love

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today, you just have me! There's nothing really special about me except maybe my absolute love for learning how to create new things and repurposing most of what we already have. A great big thank you to Cece, Michelle, Kimie and Carrie for agreeing to take this challenge on at IHB! Don't forget to link up and we'll showcase some of our favorites next week!

Where is the world is IHB?
Maps are overlooked as solid pieces of art but Pinterest has changed that perception for us DIYers. Thanks to my friends helping out on IHB this week, there was a little more time on my part to highlight two projects today that incorporate maps and finally scratch off two bucket list craft projects.

1 | 2

craft: DIY felt bows for the little lady

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today I'm proud to introduce Carrie, a wonderful friend who has become an amazingly inspirational person in my life, always full of energy and kindness. Also a new Pinterest addict follower, Carrie is the momma to a sweet little gal who thinks I'm "awesome" - I mean, who's to argue. I'm thrilled to bring her into the virtual blogging world since she is probably following your blog right now! Visit Carrie on Pinterest!

Put a Bow on It
Ever since the day my husband and I found out our first child was going to be a girl, I was ecstatic and shortly began dreaming of all things girly. And yes, this included bows…lots and lots of bows! Fast forward to today and I have a precious 18-month-old daughter whom I love more than words, and a pile high of bows, which have yet to be used. Why, you ask? My little sweetheart is lacking in the hair department. So, until those lovely locks come in, I will continue to add to her growing bow collection. And thanks to some fellow “pinners” on Pinterest, these felt bows are a great addition!
1 | 2

To create my own felt bows, here are the materials that I used:
  • felt
  • ruler
  • ribbon covered hair clips
  • fabric scissors
  • needle and thread
  • glue gun
To make these beautiful felt bows, visit Sew She Sew's for a detailed step-by-step tutorial (the bow featured on this website is for a headband, but I decided to make it into a clip instead).

Once I made one bow, I realized how incredibly easy they were to make … so I made a few more.

Then I decided to add my own creativity and here’s what I came up with….

All finished! You can make these in every color, for all of the holidays and especially for gifts! Be creative and add some flair!

Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

celebrate: first birthday cheer

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm so excited to introduce today's guest for her first blogging role (shaking with excitement)!! Kimie is one of my greatest friends in the world and has made Portland, Ore. a more beautiful place since moving there years ago. She's the amazing mom to this cutie and an inspired DIYer. Glad to have her on IHB! Visit Kimie on Pinterest.

Look Whoo's Turning 1!
Some might call it obsessive, I just call it wonderful! My name is Kimie and yes I have an owl fetish. It all started 10 plus years ago when Debbie, Cece and I were checking out some garage sales and I found a tacky gold owl necklace (which I'm still rocking, thank you!!).

So when it came time to plan my daughter's first birthday party, I had no problem coming up with a theme. The color palate ("what's that?" asked my husband) was a different story. Then I found this great photo on Pinterest and used it as my inspiration. I decided to add a pop of turquoise for a little dimension.

Party Hats

The party hats were simple. I bought a $2.99 pack of striped party hats from Target. The stripes didn't match my colors, so I decided to cover them with 12"x12" scrapbook paper. This turned out easier than I thought, and were a big hit with the kids (and a few adults) at the party. I simply took one hat apart, created a template, and cut and stapled them over the striped pattern. For the birthday girl's hat, I used the SchoolBook cartridge and my Cricut machine, and glued the 1 to the front of the hat.

Nothing beats Betty Crocker's boxed Devil's Food cupcakes. I found the recipe online and made a simple cream cheese frosting. For the cupcake toppers, I used my Cricut machine and the Create a Critter cartridge for the owls. I found the lollipop sticks at Michael's ($2.99) and taped the sticks to the back of the owls. Done!

The cake stand is actually a drink dispenser stand from Pottery Barn ($14.99) and fits a 9" cake perfectly!!! The turquoise runner was left over wrapping paper that I had in my closet. The banner behind the table was cut out from the Cricut (yes, it sleeps next to me at night) and I attached it to a simple Jute Twine from Michaels.

I planned on creating more to hang from the ceiling, but some things just don't get done when your mother-in-law is staying with you for five nights (who's with me on that one?)!

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craft: serving up creativity

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm so honored to have Michelle from The Whole EnCHELLEada as our guest Pinterest-a-thon blogger today. She is no stranger to IHB and you will find her credited in a majority of the posts on this blog (like here, here and here). This woman is my crafting soul mate and recently left the great state of California for her home state of Colorado, so I miss her tremendously! Luckily for all of us, she is more inspired than ever now that she's settling into her element.

I love a good craft challenge and especially one prompted by Debbie. Having just moved, my biggest project has been unpacking. As you can imagine I welcomed the opportunity to stop pinning, err unpacking, and get back to crafting! To keep my guilt at bay, I worked on a project for our new kitchen.

I've always loved the look of the Anthropology zinc letters and was so happy when I stumbled upon a DIY to make my very own!

I picked up the supplies at Hobby Lobby (sorry California, I know that hurts to read) and spent $10 TOTAL versus the $18 per letter price tag at Anthro.

  • Cardboard letters
  • Foam paint brush
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Gun Metal Gray Paint
  • Trash bag to cover your table (keep it clean, ladies!)
I followed the easy instructions found here, waiting one hour between each coat of paint (one black, one gray). I choose a darker gray (Gun Metal) than my inspiration photo (pearl Gray). I was hoping it wouldn't be too dark and still create the same metal effect. Once I did the first letter, I was so happy I'd chosen the darker gray. Definitely creates the same effect. Here's an in-progress photo:

After waiting another hour for the letters to dry to dry, I found a spot to hang them in our kitchen. I love how they turned out! As my fiance, B, says "now we know what we're supposed to do in the kitchen." True that.

One more up-close of the color. Delish!

All this crafting in the kitchen has made me hungry. Off to make a perfectly pinned dinner! Until next time..
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tutorial: clean and lean

Monday, November 14, 2011

You may remember IHB guest contributor Cece when she inspired you to create this amazing dish (but here is her first cameo on IHB). She's back with an incredibly inspirational post. I have to give her credit for coming up with this Pinterest-a-thon idea and encouraging everyone to do something with our pins. Visit Cece on Pinterest.

Project One
After numerous Fridays spent cleaning my house, I was at a breaking point and needed a new solution before calling in housekeeper. Pinterest was that solution. After finding the below guide, I committed myself for one week to see how feasible it was to commit 15 minutes, 7 days a week to cleaning. The result: an entire Friday night to pin, wine taste and a Sunday with friends. This is definitely easy and my house is thankful for the easy solution.

Project Two
I'm no stranger to breaking a sweat and actually commit to gym visits and running the trails 6 days a week. Sometimes I just need a break from the monotony of working out in the same environment and doing the same techniques. Pinterest saves the day again - and in this case, saves my repetitive sanity. This short and easy workout burns 100 calories and literally only takes a few minutes. I did it on Monday and repeated, at the gym with my Pinterest app guiding me through the steps. 

Project Three
I was tired of staring through soap scum every morning and the light was barely getting into the tub with all of the filth. And really, who enjoys cleaning a bathroom? My third Pinterest-inspired project includes a used dryer sheet (this is key people!) - that't it! Clean your dry glass shower doors with a barely soaked dryer sheet. This definitely saves on time between major bathroom cleaning. And more time for pinning!

Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun!

Pinterest-a-thon: Linky Party

Without further delay, welcome to our first linky party in honor of accomplishing some Pinterest projects - stop pinning and start doing! We welcome all of the amazing doers and hope you'll link up today! There's just one rule: your project must have been inspired by something you saw on Pinterest. There's probably no way for me to really verify that, but I trust you!!

This party is rocking the IHB house until midnight on Friday! You have an entire week and we'll highlight our favorites next week. Have fun!!

You're invited: Pinterest-a-thon

Thursday, November 10, 2011

  • Are you starting to develop sore pinning finger?
  • Do you suffer from pinning fatigue?
  • Has your entire morning gone by from pinning how-to felt flowers?
  • Have you started incorporating "pinning" into your vocabulary?
  • Do you and your friends sit at the same table pinning the same things?
Then we are looking for you! Stop pinning (well, not really) and start doing. Thanks to Pinterest, we dress better, try new decorating styles and need to travel to exotic new places. But what is the ratio of pinning to doing in your life? Increase your ratio and join our Pinterest-a-thon!!!!

Starting next week, we'll also start showing you what we can do once we stop pinning and start doing! Join us for the first ever linky part at IHB. We look forward to seeing you on Monday morning!