guest contributor: don't put your head down on this pillow {dress}

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today, we welcome Kimie and her pillow dress!
I've always wanted to but have never been brave enough to try a pillowcase dress. However, when I found Melissa's tutorial on Sew Like My Mom her easy step-by-step directions changed my mind. Little did I know that the hardest part would be getting my 16 month old daughter to sit still so I could take her picture in the dress! If you're a beginner sewer or short on time (or fabric), this is the perfect project!

  • 1/4 yard of fabric
  • cutting mat
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter
  • iron
  • ribbon
  • safety pin
  • baby or toddler
Determine the finished length you want, for me it was about 16″, then add 4″ for seam allowances. The width of the fabric is the width we’re using (I made my width shorter by about an inch or so). Lay out your fabric and cut to your desired length. Then cut your fabric in half up the side to create 2 rectangles (or squares if you have a really fat and short baby)!

Take both pieces of fabric to the ironing board and fold the salvaged side over 1/3″-ish. I don’t measure, I just fold. Iron it down. Then fold it again and iron.

Do this to the top and bottom of both pieces. Then sew all four sides at 1/4" seam allowance.

Now make the casing for the ribbon. The size of the fold depends on your ribbon size. I used a 1/2" ribbon, so I made my casing about an inch (not exact science). Fold the fabric down and iron. Fold it again and iron. Repeat on the other piece of fabric.

Stitch them both along the bottom of the stitching. All sides of the dress should be stitched except for the bottom, which we will hem in a moment.

Next, put both right sides together (fabric side to fabric side). Measure down from the top of the casing about 5". If you're making a bigger dress, go down farther. This is your arm hole. Pin the pieces together at your desired mark.

Then starting at the pin, sew just inside the previous seam to the bottom of the dress. Repeat on both sides.
Now for the hem. Fold up from the bottom to your desired hem line. Iron. Then sew.
You need two pieces of ribbon for the dress. One for the front and back. Cut each piece so it's twice as long as the dress is wide.

Attach a safety pin to the ribbon and feed through the casing on both pieces of fabric. If you need a picture to go along with this part of the tutorial, then you're totally screwed!

Find the middle of the dress on each piece of fabric and sew the ribbon into the casing.

Lastly, place the dress on your child and beg her to be still so you can take her picture!

Check out Kimie on Pinterest and find your next inspiration. Don't forget to link up your Pinterest inspiration this week during our Pinterest-a-thon linky party. Click here to join in the fun! 


  1. This is DARLING!!! Just a little tip, link up your cute stuff to your party too...never know who will look at the linkys, but not through your entire site!!? No worries if you'd rather not...just sharing what I like to do!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Your model is adorable! Love the bird cage fabric too.