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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February 1! One year ago, our Valentine's Day mantel was decorated for some pretty exciting things - my bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding plans, and a good rainy season. A year later, I have a little more time to try new projects - even with all of this California sunshine.

To not disappoint the two IHB readers (hey Michelle!), no money was used in the making of this mantel. I picked out last year's decor from the garage and then did my 'around the house' search for a little decorating inspiration!

These frames are becoming a mantel staple and the Ikea 99 cents price tag can be a little overwhelming but we're still able to eat. So excited I kept these babies.

My time went into the garland while the 2011 edition went home with Kristin after last week's games. (I hope you're enjoying it!!)  I pinned quite a few favorites and still didn't know what to do until the last minute. Thanks to my handy Cricut, I just went a little crazy and didn't have much of a plan until I put glue to paper. The garland is a mish mash of paper cutouts with grey/white twine (leftover from a birthday gift).

Another inexpensive project - actually free - that has turned into one of my favorites!! Now, let's get ready for the big game this weekend!

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  1. Really love the banner!! Curious where the cute hand sewn felt hearts are this year?

  2. I just couldn't make them work!!! I'll find another place for them, I'm sure!

  3. What an adorable mantel! The banner is so pretty and that photos of you and your honey is great!!

    Thanks for linking up at A Simply Klassic Home!

  4. Such a sweet mantel! The garland is precious and I love the picture of you guys in the stadium, too!