guest contributor: burlap and felt Spring wreath

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'd like to start off by saying a little thanks to the Inspired Honey Bee (blushing here) for motivating me to make time to craft. Life has been a little crazy (hello work and wedding planning) and I have missed my project time. Big hugs to IHB for continuing to inspire creativity. And now for the project...

... a cheerful spring wreath! I know what you might be saying. Hmmm, didn't you make a wreath, no TWO wreaths around the holidays? Gosh, you have a great memory. I did make two wreaths and shared them right here in December. After the holidays we over and decorations packed away, I missed the wreath on our door. Call me the crazy wreath lady, but there is something so welcoming about a nice wreath on your front door.

I was inspired by the following two wreaths - one from and one from my dear friend jnelly - and finally decided to make my own! The biggest difference between this wreath and the ones I made for the holidays was using burlap instead of yarn to wrap the wreath. I love the texture but watch out - burlap is meeeessssy!

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Want to make your own wreath? Here are the easy directions:

  1. Cut the burlap into strips (mine were 2 inches wide). I ended up cutting about 10 strips total.
  2. Wrap burlap around wreath. Glue each piece at the start and end. Overlap the next piece to hide the start/stop point. Yes, it feels like you are wrapping an ace bandage (or is that just me?!).
  3. Wrap ribbon around wreath.
  4. Cut flowers, tufts and leaves out of felt.
  5. Arrange the all the pieces on the wreath and glue them down.
  6. Admire the final product.
Happy Spring! - Michelle


  1. I love the saturated colors, not too pastel and washed out, like some spring decor.


  2. this is adorable! I love the deeper colors as well. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You did a great job. Really bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. I'm sure it's not intentional, but I do not see a link back to the party.