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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Michelle is headed to Arizona this weekend to her bachelorette party in Arizona and this horrible friend is missing out on the festivities! Although I can't spend time with the girls this weekend and the bride-to-be is super BEEsy, she was able to submit her awesome Pinterest-inspired project!
Today I am headed to sunny Arizona for my bachelorette weekend! While it's pretty surreal this is MY bachelorette party and our wedding is two short months away, I could not be more excited for both. I choose Arizona because the spring in Colorado can be hot one moment and snowing the next. I wanted to go somewhere we could count on warm and sunshine for some quality pool time! Good news - AZ forecast is low 90s and sunshine.

Since everyone will be traveling to celebrate with me, I wanted to do something as a thank you/party favor. A few months back I bookmarked Plum Pretty Sugar because I loved these bridesmaid blooms for a gift idea. Since I can't brainstorm with my normal crew (since they're all coming!) I discussed with my crafty coworkers, who suggested we make them! We headed to, duh, Pinterest and found this tutorial for an 8 pocket jewelry pouch from Sew4home.

One Sunday we made one of the pouches to see how it would turn out and if it was really possible to make 10+ of them for favors. It took a little longer than I'd like to admit, but the outcome is pretty adorable:

I brought the sample into work and convinced the four other crafty girls to help me make more of these. Over two evenings, using four sewing machines and consuming good snacks and wine, we sewed 15 of these pouches. As noted in the instructions, with the amount of fabric suggested you can make two pouches. This is what I did, only I alternated the materials to have two different styles:

Some of the stitches aren't perfect, but I really think they turned out so cute! I look forward to handing them out as a heartfelt and handcrafted thank you.

If you decide to make one or more of these yourself, I recommend following the instructions linked above. We used quilting fabric, but a silk fabric would be really nice too.  -- Michelle at the Whole EnCHELLEada

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