Wednesday, May 2, 2012

host post: inspiration boards for every room!

A long time thrifter, I have spent my entire adult life picking up inexpensive decor and furniture for my homes and have ultimately collected a hodge podge around the house. Pinterest has allowed me to finally identify a style and take the time to think and firmly decide on meaningful purchases. And ultimately making better decisions.
That is the case with the two changes to our house. I have spent months looking at rugs in different stores, going online searching for the best deals and returning a few in the process. After seeing in person the rug that I was coveting for months on Pinterest, I was disappointed. I walked into Ikea to see what they may have had, assuming that I would find nothing.

I spoke too soon. Not only did I find the right rug but had enough money left to pick up an ottoman for a coffee table! The perfect beachside look! (The flamingo pillow was impulse. Stop judging.)

There is a set of mirrors that I have pinned a few times on the same board and I have patiently waited for Pottery Barn to have a free shipping promo so that I could bring these girls home.

The problem with Pinterest is that it exposes you to the finer things in life so the not so fine things start looking a little dingy. A few leftover gift cards and these babies were mine - over the bed!

The lights are also new! A style that I've been eyeing for a long time and finally found the perfect matches at Target - a little bit of thrift and a little bit of expense. Next on the list: nightstands. Any ideas?


  1. Love the ottoman and flamingo pillow! Absolutely no judging, it's perfect!

    Happy you got those cute mirrors. They look great over the bed.


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