diy: twine solves all craft problems

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My love for green has gotten out of control. I recently realized this when my once favorite green ball lamp didn't fit in the livingroom against the green wall or in the spare bedroom next to the green West Elm duvet. That leaves little real estate for this pretty little thing.

Obviously, I'm not going to buy another lamp when I have this working version. My update options included spray painting or leafing, both of which I wasn't stoked about. But Pinterest gives me a third, hidden option - wrapping the lamp in twine!

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Twine is not a simple product to find. My local Ace Hardware store had what I was looking for and with the need for sand paper and spray paint (that's another project), I picked up light load twine.

The project was a little more work than I thought - three hours, two blisters and one sore back later (thank you Real Housewives of Orange County for keeping me company), I was finished. I used about 203 of the 208 feet of twine and I think it looks great in our livingroom.

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  1. Hi! My name is Hannah and I live in Portland Oregon and would love to link to your blog. Is this OK? I love your twine post and we just received some new twine at our shop. P.S. I was so excited to see that one of your contributors lives in PDX!