diy: another PB eagan mirror knockoff

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blast you Pottery Barn for luring me in with your shiny surfaces and sweet smelling diffusers. I mostly shake my fist at your just-a-little-too-high-for-me-right-now prices. That's the case with your Eagan Mirror - your amazing, multi-mirrored design marvel! Unfortunately for me, the $700 price tag makes it easy to hide my credit card. On the other hand, I have the most amazing brother in the world that is half sucker and accepted a project!

This isn't a breakthrough project - I had a lot of inspiration from my favorite bloggers. For starters, let's throw some confetti into the sky for The Lettered Cottage and their perfect tutorial on creating the PB Eagan Pottery Barn.

We pretty much copied the project from the "will you help me with a project" to "excuse me, do you have beveled mirrors". During a visit to my hometown and with easy access to a Lowe's, we picked up the needed wood and materials for us (read: brother) to make the foundation.

The decision to paint the mirror white took a little time, but I decided to use the bright color because this work of art is going against our green wall in the livingroom. The copper frame would have made the space too dark. And we couldn't find those stars!! These things can always change later.

The mirrors were the heaviest lift. Jo-Ann sells them for about $3.99 each but they are not beveled. Michaels sells them for $5.99 and I wasn't really looking forward to making 15 separate trips using a 40% off coupon. Then one magical morning while riding into the city for work, Hobby Lobby enticed me with a free shipping coupon! Behold my eyes when I found that the 8"x8" beveled mirrors were on sale for $2.99 each.

I made my first smartphone purchase. Four days later, those mirrors were glued on with Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive. And we just love the final product!


  1. I absolutely love this! I may be adding to to my list of projects to tackle. I love how you painted it white as well... really makes the mirrors "pop!" Oh, and how can you go wrong with a sale at Hobby Lobby? lol :)

  2. This looks great! Another successful Mendes sibling collaboration. You guys should go into business...

    Glad you went with white - classic and looks great against your green wall.

  3. Beautiful work, Debbie! We're glad you found what you needed at Hobby Lobby, and congrats on your first smartphone purchase! ;)

    All the best,

    Hobby Lobby

    P.S.- We love this project so much we pinned it here:

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  5. This is AMAZING!!!!!! I would LOVE to have one!!

    You are planning on sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality.. right? Please :)

  6. Well done. We have a PB Outlet not far from here and I still am not happy with the prices.