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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A big *clap-clap* for Kimie who put together this project and wants to show it off here at IHB!! As I try to find flights to visit my favorite girls in Portland, she sends me these pictures to lure me in ...

I about died when I saw this adorable kid's dresser from Design Sponge. I frantically started looking around my house to refinish something, anything!! (que: carefully highlighted hair-pulling) I knew I didn't have anything as large as a dresser, but I was hoping to find a piece that needed some refinishing.

I uncovered the perfect victim: an old, unfinished high chair in an oak finish (yuck).

I found a great editorial on, went to Michaels, checked out what paint I had in the garage, and got to work (that's only three pre-steps). Then I followed these simple steps:
1. clean
2. prime
3. paint

Check out for a more detailed editorial. It was the best that I found!
My daughter is greatly enjoying her improved highchair, although she thinks the A is the letter B (something I need to work on). Happy refinishing fellow bees!!


  1. This is so cute! I stopped by your blog after you followed me on Twitter. Love every thing I've seen on the first page! I host a link party on thursdays and I'd LOVE for you to link up your fabulous creations! Pretty things Thurs will be up tomorrow morning. I hope to see you there!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. This turned out super cute. What a great way to make a highchair actually a welcome addition to the table!

  3. Adorable! Thanks so much for linking up to our Pretty Things Party! I hope you'll be back next week!

  4. featuring this tomorrow :) loved it so much I couldn't help it!