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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today's post is a forgotten project but still a great reminder of how simple a personal gift can be. My coworker A.D. needed a little wedding anniversary help earlier this year and in the spirit of working on a DIY project, I asked him for a few momentos and took advantage of the Buy One Get One for $1 frame special at Aaron Brothers.

Matching the color of their initials on the wedding program, I found this plaid scrapbook paper to use as background. I used the open program in the center of the frame, the front of the program on the left, and a great black and white picture of the couple on their wedding day on the right.

The easiest way to pick out an anniversary gift is to follow the traditional or modern gift idea lists. I'm a sucker for tradition (and the list has less expensive items), so I've included the recommended gift ideas for each anniversary below:

First: paper | Second: cotton | Third: leather | Fourth: fruit/flowers (edible creations?) | Fifth: wood | Sixth: candy/iron (jawbreaker?) | Seventh: wool/copper | Eighth: bronze/pottery | Ninth: pottery/willow | Tenth: tin/aluminum | Eleventh: steel | Twelfth: silk/linen | Thirteenth: lace | Fourteenth: ivory | Fifteenth: crystal | Twentieth: china | Twenty-fifth: silver | Thirtieth: pearl | Thirty-fifth: coral | Fortieth: ruby | Forty-fifth: sapphire | Fiftieth: gold | Fifty-fifth: emerald | Sixtieth: diamond (think diamond jubilee, queen)

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