recap: alameda point antiques faire

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yesterday, I made my first visit to the famous Alameda Point Antiques Fairethe largest antiques show in Northern California. This little fair takes place the first Sunday of every month and includes over 800 dealer booths.  My friends and I walked all the way to the back ... and walked down every single row - that's about 30 plus rows of trinkets, furniture, fabric and a few scary clowns.

Although I didn't walk out of there with any big finds (like MJ with her two fabulous chairs that she plans to reupholster), there were a few little things that I grabbed to wet my antiques appetite. Like six Scrabble letters to print out the best last name ever!

And I do have to say that I held myself back from buying bundles of fabric in different prints, weights and eras, but I did grab this bundle for $4. Project forthcoming.

This wall may look unrecognizable, but I'm in the process of changing our entry gallery wall to a destination theme. Since I'm more of a "frame before picture" girl, I had a naked frame just waiting for this vintage-ish North America map.

This piece started the day! I found this vintage 7-Up bottle crate that had already been finished so didn't look too beat up. The 12 compartments made it a perfect wine holder on our buffet table, leaving more space for bottles down below.

I can't believe that it's taken me this long to make it out to this Bay Area gem. The faire takes place on the runway of the former Naval Air Station Alameda and has the best view of the City of San Francisco.  If you plan on being in the Bay Area during the first Sunday of a month, you must stop by!!


  1. Looks like you found some awesome stuff!! I always wanted to check out that flea market, but sadly never made it. Maybe I need to make a trip back?!

    Love the destination theme on the entry I spy a Colorado postcard? :)

  2. Yes, definitely spy a Colorado postcard!! From my favorite girl's wedding!!

  3. Your finds look fabulous, especially the 7-UP crate. What a day well spent at the Antiques Faire!

  4. Hey did your friend buy my chairs?

  5. Hi Lori!! Yup, the comment before your comment was your chair buyer!!!