wedding: something old (burlap) ...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This week's featured bride texted me one early morning last winter with an unusual discovery - she had found a bag with endless yards of clean burlap on her San Francisco street corner! Then the estimated $500 question: should she take it? YES!! Imagine the wedding possibilities!

We quickly put our heads together to create simple DIY burlap table runners from this pot of burlap gold. When I laid out the fabric and used the measurements based on the table's width, I easily cut four runners at one time.  (Note: burlap is a top four outside toy. Keep vacuum close.)

I simply cut the runners in as straight of a line as I possibly could, then ironed the burlap, and went back to clean up the messy lines. After cutting out the runners, there was plenty of burlap leftover to create a banner (or two), cover a not-so-attractive pot and for future projects!

Once everything was cut and ironed, I pulled out a string or two from the edges to give it a more rustic look. There's no need to sew anything! The end result was fabulous - simple burlap runners on off white linens really gave this tablescape a unique and bright look.



  1. Before I met Debbie I NEVER would have picked burlap up off the street... but it sure was a pot of gold!

    1. Debbie really does bring out the thrifty, crafty gal in everyone. Congrats, Aliza!! Can't wait to see more photos of your big day.

  2. OH MY GOSH - I can't believe it was on the street corner. SF is so magical! The white + burlap is so perfect for this gorgeous setting!

  3. I love that story. Girls, the runner looks great! Cant wait for more posts.